August 10, 2022
PUBG: New Kingdom To Get Anti-Cheating Update On Android With Extra Medals For Players

PUBG: New State is getting an update that strengthens anti-cheating measures in Crafton’s newly launched battle royale game. The update is currently rolling out for players on Android, and the developer mentions that players on iOS will also be getting the update soon. Without the latest update installed on their device, players will not be able to play PUBG: New State. Crafton has also announced special compensation for players as a part of this update.

through a blog Post, Crafton announced that PUBG: New Kingdom will not work on Android devices until players update the game. If not updated, the game will redirect players to the Google Play store or the Galaxy store. Players will be given three Chicken Medals as a reward for getting this update. It’s worth noting that players – or survivors of the game as they call them – will be receiving the update on iOS as soon as it currently works.

This update is the first of many that will be implemented by PUB: New State to strengthen anti-cheating measures. These measures are intended to identify and reduce the methods of cheating employed by players. Players also run the risk of being banned if they are found using unethical methods or hacks while playing the game.

PUBG: New State was launched on November 11 for Android, iOS and iPadOS devices in nearly 200 countries, including India. It is the latest title in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) franchise. It claims to bring the next generation battle royale experience where 100 players will fight using different weapons and strategies.

Within a week of its launch, PUBG: New State has crossed the 10 million downloads mark on the Google Play store. The latest PUBG title – set in the future – features updated graphics, a new Troi map, along with new vehicles.

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