August 10, 2022
PUBG: New Kingdom updates to bring new weapons, vehicles, Survivor Pass Volume 2, and more

PUBG New State developer Crafton has announced that it will release an update for the game on December 9. The newly launched battle royale game will get more customization options for existing weapons, a new lobby theme, and new weapons and vehicles with the Survivor Pass. Volume 2. Like the previous update, the upcoming update also brings bug fixes and improvements to the PUBG New State. Crafton hasn’t announced whether the game is receiving any new modes, maps, or events with the update.

Upcoming Updates for PUBG: New State (Review) – Expected to release on 9th December – Tha announced via a blog post. Crafton will introduce a new weapon – the L85A3 assault rifle. The new weapon belongs to the Bullpup Assault Rifle type and uses 5.56mm ammo. The L85A3 rifle can be found at Erangel and Troi. According to Crafton, the rifle suffers the most damage of all 5.56mm ammo weapons and performs well in mid- to long-range fire combat. However, the L85A3 has a lower rate of fire.

Crafton says the new update will also introduce two new vehicles to PUBG: New State – Electron and Mesta. The former is an electric, six-seater minibus that is claimed to be more durable than other vehicles in the sport. It can be found either at Troi or the Training Ground. This allows players to switch seats in the vehicle, even if the vehicle has an entire team. The second vehicle introduced in the update is the Mesta, a gasoline-powered, two-seater sports car. It comes in two models – Standard and Open and has quick acceleration as well as high speed. It can be found in Erangel, parts of Troi and the training ground.

In addition, Crafton has also added weapon customization options to PUBG: New State. The L85A3 assault rifle now has a vertical foregrip bipod that reduces recoil and makes it easier to control when crouched or prone. However, this slightly reduces target down sight (ADS) speed. The M416 now has a longer barrel that increases damage but also increases vertical recoil. Players can swap out the 7.62mm barrel in the SLR rifle for the 5.56mm barrel which increases firing accuracy but reduces damage.

PUBG: New stat players will also get Survivor Pass Volume 2, which will go live on December 9. Dream Runners Faction’s Bella is the featured character on this pass. The second section of the Survivor Pass also offers advanced level rewards for the Premium Pass which include vehicle skins and character costumes. When survivors reach level 48 they will be awarded a 1,500 NC. BP chest has been added as a free pass reward.

Crafton has also updated the lobby theme, with the background and music taking on a winter festival theme. BP Store background has also been updated. Additionally, the developer also has introduced Many bug fixes and improvements in PUBG: New State. Some of the more prominent ones include character controls and actions, vehicle boarding parameters, first-person perspective mode, stations (Team Deathmatch), qualifying points system, and maps.

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