August 12, 2022
PUBG: New State 9th December Update Postponed Due to Delay in App Review, Says Crafton

PUBG: New State was supposed to roll out a major update on December 9th, but publisher Crafton has announced that the downtime the game will require has been postponed. The game’s servers were expected to be shut down for maintenance on Thursday, in order to release an update to version 0.9.2 of the game. The latest update to the popular battle royale game is set to bring a new weapon to the game, plus weapon customization, new vehicles, and a new Survivor Pass.

A few hours after the update was expected to roll out, Crafton edited the last Announcement To state on their blog that maintenance has been postponed due to a delay in the Store app review. The publisher hasn’t specified whether the PUBG: New State (Review) update has yet to be approved by Google Play or the App Store. Crafton said it will update its website and social media channels with the revised maintenance schedule. Accordingly, the retrospective date of December 9 has also been updated to “TBA (On Market Review Approval)” on the Company’s website.

Crafton previously revealed that PUBG: New State was set to receive the new Survivor Pass Volume 2, which offers advanced level rewards for gamers. However, gamers will have to wait for the update to take advantage of the new Survivor Pass and acquire 1,500 NC (in-game currency) after reaching level 48.

Meanwhile, gamers who have been waiting for the update can also look forward to the L85A3 assault rifle, a new weapon with 5.56mm ammo, which will be offered in Erangel and Troi with upcoming updates. Weapon customization is also coming to PUBG: New Kingdom, which allows gamers to tweak their weapon performance for better accuracy, damage or range. Gamers can also take advantage of two new vehicles in the game: Electron and Mesta. The former can be found at Training Grounds and Troi, while the latter can be found at Erangel, Troi and Training Grounds.

Crafton will also be updating the game’s lobby music and theme for the arrival of the holiday season. Gamers will see winter-themed decorations after updating to the latest version. The publisher is also releasing new bug fix And performance improvements as part of the update, and the game’s character controls, team deathmatch mode, and maps should receive improvements after Crafton rolls out the upcoming December update.

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