August 7, 2022
Xbox chief evaluates relationship with Activision after reports of sexual harassment, gender inequality

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer is evaluating its relationship with Microsoft-owned gaming console maker Activision Blizzard, which was confirmed Thursday amid allegations of sexual misconduct and equal pay violations against the video game publisher.

bloomberg previously reported news on Thursday, citing an email sent to employees.

Spencer told employees that the Xbox gaming leadership team at Activision was “disturbed and deeply disturbed by the horrific incidents and actions,” the report said.

“The leadership at Xbox and Microsoft stands with our teams and supports them in creating a safer environment for all,” Spencer said in a statement.

An Activision spokesperson said the company is in talks with its partners.

The launch and exit of top executives has been delayed because of allegations against the company known for its video-game titles including Call of Duty and Diablo.

Earlier this week, employees staged a walkout following a report that the company’s chief executive was aware of previously known sexual harassment and assault allegations.

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