August 10, 2022
How to cancel your Netflix subscription

Netflix is ​​a sleek video streaming service that was launched in India in January 2016. This service starts from Rs. 500 per month and offers the first month as a free trial. To sign up, though, you need to key in your credit or debit card details so that Netflix can charge you when your free trial month ends — and if you’ve signed up for Netflix in India and 129 other countries. launched in January, so you signed up. After this, there is a possibility of automatic charging on Saturday.

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Automatic payments is a very convenient feature because you don’t need to remember to renew a subscription, but if you’ve decided you don’t want to continue using Netflix, you’ll want to cancel the subscription before you’re charged . Of course the steps remain the same if you are well into your paid Netflix subscription but decide to cancel it for whatever reason. Here’s how you can cancel your Netflix subscription:

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Canceling Netflix Through the Website

  1. go to netflix cancellation page,
  2. Click cancel streaming plan,

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    This will let you use Netflix until the first (or next) payment is due and the subscription will not be renewed after that. Android users are redirected to the website to sign up or cancel their accounts, so the process is very similar.

    How to Cancel Netflix Through the Android App

    1. In the Netflix app, swipe in from the left to show the menu.
    2. Swipe down and tap on Settings account settings,
    3. This will open a browser window. Swipe down and tap cancel membershipand then tap finish canceling On the next screen to confirm.

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      The process is a little different if you signed up using your iOS device or iTunes. Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription.

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      How to cancel Netflix if you signed up on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or through iTunes?
      On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

      1. Open app Store,
      2. Scroll down.
      3. tap Apple ID:,
      4. tap view Apple ID,
      5. If you’re prompted to sign in, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password and tap Ok,
      6. below Membershiptap manage,
      7. tap Netflix,
      8. Tap the switch next to Automatic Renewal to turn it off. If it is green, automatic renewal is on. If not, it is closed.

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      How to cancel Netflix via iTunes:

      1. download itunes If you haven’t already.
      2. Click Run iTunes sign in And enter your Apple ID and Password.
      3. Tap on the person icon in the top right. to select account info from the drop-down menu.
      4. Enter your password and click view your account,
      5. scroll down Adjustment,
      6. Near Membership Click manage,
      7. Click editwho is next to Netflix,
      8. to the right of Automatic RenewalClick off,
      9. Click Complete,

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