August 10, 2022
How to Get 2GB of Google Drive Storage for Free

Google is once again offering 2GB of free permanent storage to Google Drive users on Safer Internet Day, which is Tuesday. All users have to do is complete a brief security check on their Google Account.

The Account Security Checkup process will allow you to review your account recovery options, connected devices, services with permissions, and 2-Step Verification settings. Once the process is complete, users will see a final page thanking them saying, “To help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we’ve added 2GB of free Drive storage to your Google Account because you’ve completed the security check ” However the added storage may not reflect immediately after the process.

Users can go for their own security check Page To go through the drill. Google is not new to such offers and provides free storage from time to time to lure its users.

In case you contributed to improving its mapping and navigation service, in November last year the search giant gave away 1TB of drive storage for free. As part of the updated Google Maps Local Guides program, the firm rewarded people who added useful information to Google Maps by putting in reviews, uploading photos, or marking tourist spots.

In July, Google made its Cloud Storage Nearline available to the general public. The company also announced that it will offer 100PB of space for free to entice users.

Several other tech giants have introduced various plans to entice users to use their cloud storage services. In November, Amazon began offering unlimited photo backup at $1 and unlimited file storage at $5 per year. In September, Apple increased the storage it offered to paying iCloud customers, in addition to slashing subscription fees for higher storage tiers.

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