August 13, 2022
How to Get the Best Deals in the Steam Summer Sale

One reason for Steam’s dominance in the PC gaming world is its regular sales. Dubbed steam cells, there are two big ones each year in summer and winter. The Steam ‘Monster’ Summer Sale 2015 (June 11-21) is now live with some great deals on popular gaming titles.

Since it is running parallel to E3 2015, you’ll check out the latest video game announcements as well as constantly refresh the Steam page for the latest and greatest deals. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you save time and get the best deals throughout the sale.

1. don’t buy anything on the first day
It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the initial deals are usually not the best. Don’t buy games, except for daily deals, flash sales, or community choice discounts, unless it’s the last day of the sale. Instead of 20 or 25 percent off the first day, you’re usually offered between 66 and 75 percent off daily deals, flash sales, or games marked as Community Choice, making them the best option.

2. work on your own time
Daily deals run throughout the day, while flash sales and community choice discounts last for eight hours. Plan your purchases to avoid last-minute purchases, and avoid the rush of shoppers who are late, which can be a pain at checkout.

3. exercise your right to vote and get paid
well almost. Valve has often asked the community to vote on which games they’d like to see discounted. Voting Net gives you Steam Cards that are unique for sale. You can then sell the cards immediately on the Steam Marketplace, as their value decreases as sales increase. Selling Steam Sale cards lets you collect some money to offset the cost of the game you want.


4. If it’s not up front, it ain’t cheap enough
As sales continue, Valve refreshes its front page to make sure only the best deals get your attention. Although most games are discounted, digging deep behind the opening lot usually yields the best discounts. Instead of digging deep for deals, hold tight for the last day, as the game will either get better discounts, or at least not go up in price during the sale. Either way, always remember that if it’s not on the front page it’s not a substantial discount.

5. regret nothing
So, you missed out on a game that had huge discounts? Fret not, usually the last two days are reserved for the best deals. More often than not, what you missed will be at the price you want at the end of the sale.

6. bring some friends
Steam sales are a great time to get discounts on multiplayer games. Even more so with friends. In the past we’ve seen scenarios where buying four copies results in a free one, making it the opportune moment to cheap out your multiplayer fix if you bring friends along.


7. Wishlist helps you win
You can’t be on a PC 24/7, maybe or you have a life. We will not do justice. Regardless, it would be best to add the games you want to your Steam wishlist. You’ll get an email notification if they’re on sale (and you haven’t messed with your settings), which should make it easier to make a purchase.

Are you looking forward to the Steam Summer Sale? Let us know through the comments which games are on your wish list.

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