August 10, 2022
How to record GTA V videos and share them on YouTube

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has taken nearly two years to launch after the game initially released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. But it comes with its own unique features. The most convenient of these is the in-built recording and editing. This means that you don’t need a third party solution like FRAPS to record your GTA V gameplay on PC. Instead, everything can be managed within the game. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

  1. record your clip
  2. Holding ALT and pressing F1 starts manual recording. It lets you start and stop recording during gameplay. Pressing Left ALT and F1 saves it, while pressing Left ALT F3 cancels it. The saved clip will be played in-sequence.


    Pressing F2 allows you to access Action Replay. This allows you to save gameplay moments right after they happen. The game will continuously buffer recorded data in the background but it won’t save anything unless you decide to create action replays.

    When there’s an event worth sharing, you can choose to capture it by pressing ALT and pressing F1 to select ‘Save action replay’, just like tapping a button on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One After recording the gameplay footage, you can record it.

    Canceling recording (Left ALT and F3) will delete all data recorded since the last clip was saved.

  3. clip description
  4. The duration of an action replay clip depends on the volume activity during the recording. If it is a segment that is not very busy, it will be up to one minute and 30 seconds. More chaotic scenes will last 30 seconds. If you want to have more control over the clip, you can use manual recording instead.

    Clips are automatically titled when saved. It is in the format ‘Month DD YYYY clip XXXX’ (for example, ’11 April 2012 clip 0021′).


    You can manage the amount of space used to store clips by going here pause menu , Adjustment , rockstar editor, and you can go clip management To remove unwanted clips and free up more space.

  5. edit clip
  6. Press the pause button and select rockstar editor, you can watch your clip clip management, then open create new project, to select add clip,

    Choose from your recorded clips and place them on the timeline. Press ENTER once the clip is placed or double-click each clip to edit it.

    Use the mouse wheel to scroll through each frame in the video.


    Delete clip with DEL, duplicate a clip with LEFT CTRL and C. Press LEFT CTRL and X to ‘Pick Up’ and move the highlighted clip to a different location on your timeline, or click and drag them.

    You can also use a variety of effects such as adjusting depth of field, adding audio, speed and in some cases, even manipulating camera angles, all of which are available as clicking options.

  7. Save and export your videos
  8. By pressing F5 you can do a quick save to prevent any unwanted data loss. Use to rename your project or to save different versions of the same project save Project As,

    Export your project once you’re done export in the project main menu.


    group frame rate And bit rate Using export options. Depending on your hardware and options, exporting can take slightly longer than the length of the video or, in our case, about 20 minutes for a one minute, high bitrate, 60 frames per second video.

  9. upload your video
  10. Once you’ve exported a video, you can choose to upload it to YouTube from your video gallery. The full video will appear in your Video Gallery Rockstar Editor in the main menu. You can watch it in fullscreen and upload it to YouTube or Rockstar Social Club.

please pay attention

  1. All videos will be uploaded to YouTube; Any video uploaded as public or unlisted will also be added to the Rockstar Games Social Club.

  2. You can set your YouTube upload status as Public, Private, or Unlisted in the Rockstar Editor tab of the Settings menu. Any video you upload will use the last defined position.

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