August 8, 2022
How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Your PC

Ever wondered why your brand new PC came pre-loaded with so many apps that you’ll never use? If so, the simple answer is that it is one of the few ways that branded PC makers make money. Pre-loading apps is one of the few sources of revenue for them, so they do this even though you, the buyer, will never use most of them.

But why should you remove these apps? After all, some of them may be useful. While this is a popular belief, most people never use any of the preloaded apps on their branded computers. These apps take up a lot of space and some of them start when your computer starts, which slows down the machine. Some of them also throw up annoying ad banners which are very hard to disable permanently.

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to remove all these useless apps, popularly known as bloatware, from your computer. Here’s how to identify and remove bloatware from your PC.

  1. If you know which apps you want to remove, you can easily go to Control Panel > Programs and FeaturesSelect the programs you don’t need and click uninstall,

  2. But if you don’t know whether an app is useful or not, then you should install an app that tells you whether the programs on your PC are useful or not.

  3. There are many such apps, but the one we liked the most is named should i remove it, you can download it Here,

  4. Once you have installed the app, it will show you a list of installed apps on your PC. It displays a rating for each app (based on feedback from people who use it should I delete it and a “group of power users”) and shows the percentage of people who use it in a neat horizontal colored bar. remove the app.

  5. Apps that have a green bar next to them are safe to keep on your PC, but the red ones can be easily removed.

  6. Should I remove it this makes it easier for you to track what any installed app does. Simply click on the name of the app and then click What is this? For an app description.

  7. To remove apps, click the name of the app, and then click uninstall,

It works well for desktop apps, but those who use Windows 8’s Modern UI app can follow these instructions to remove the bloatware.

  1. Go to the Start Screen in Windows 8. Just tap the Windows key to get there.

  2. Right click on the app you don’t need and click uninstall,

It’s easy to remove bloatware from your PC, but did you manage it successfully? Let us know through comment. For more tutorials, visit our How To section.

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