August 8, 2022
How to Take a Screenshot Using Steam

Taking screenshots of some of the more hilarious or memorable moments in a video game is something that PC gamers have been able to do for the longest time by pressing Print Screen (or PrintScreen on some keyboards), exiting the game, and pasting while playing. Image in a program like MS-Paint. While this is an unnecessarily cumbersome process, and with most games using Steam nowadays, it’s easy to do and doesn’t require you to exit the game. This way.

1. Open Steam and login.

2. In Adjustmentgo to In play tab.

3. View or configure the key used by clicking screenshot shortcut keys And then by pressing the key you want to use. You should ideally be using a key that is not commonly used in the game.


4. Click on Screenshots Folder And set up a folder for your screenshots.

5. You can also modify what happens when a screenshot is taken by checking or unchecking the box for it display a notification, play a soundeither save an uncompressed copy, The last option is useful if you want to show every possible detail in a game at the cost of one large file per screenshot.

6. When you are done with these settings, right click on the game in which you want to take a screenshot, and click on Property,

7. Check the box labeled Enable Steam Overlay During Game,


that’s all there is to it. Now you can start the game, and then just press the button that you have configured to take a screenshot. You can then view them in the folder you’ve allocated them to share when you’re done.

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