August 13, 2022
How to Watch Oscars 2016 Online in India and Around the World

The Oscars 2016, or the 88th Academy Awards, are taking place on Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA. For viewers interested in India, it’s time to wake up early on Monday morning. If you’re awake and trying to watch, or read, this from anywhere in the world, here’s what you need to know.

The Oscars 2016 live telecast from Hollywood will begin at 5:30 am. That’s when the red carpet ceremony begins, although the awards themselves will only start at 7 a.m. You can clearly watch the awards ceremony on your television, but there are also ways to live stream it in most countries. Here’s how you can watch the Oscars online:

if you are in india
You can either switch to Star Movies, Star Movies HD or Star Movies Select HD on your television set, or open Hotstar on your computer or mobile device. Watching Oscars 2016 on TV is obviously the easiest way to do so, but if you haven’t subscribed to these channels, the Hotstar app is free to use and the performance is great, although the screen can be a bit pixelated at times can.

The only downside is that Hotstar doesn’t support screen casting devices like Chromecast or TV, so you’ll have to watch on a smaller screen.

Of course, when streaming, although the app itself is free, you’ll have to pay for the bandwidth used, so that’s one thing to keep in mind if you plan to watch Oscars 2016 via your mobile network.

outside India
If you’re in the US, you can watch the Oscars 2016 live-stream here official website, In other countries, you’ll need to check the various channels’ websites and apps – in the UK, for example, you can watch Oscars 2016 with Sky Movies Oscars, and you’ll need the Now TV Movies Pass to stream the show , while nine networks have rights in Australia, and HBO will broadcast the ceremony in several Asian markets, including Hong Kong, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

What’s on the Oscars 2016 Schedule?
On hosting duties is comedian and actor Chris Rock – best known for his HBO comedy specials and Madagascar film series – who is returning to the helm after first taking the job back in 2005. That year, Million Dollar Baby won significant awards and even though The Aviator won the most awards with five, Leonardo DiCaprio – nominated for the latter in the Best Actor category – was not one of them.

Since then, DiCaprio has been nominated twice more without success, and this year’s nomination for The Revenant — released Friday — marks his fourth attempt to get his hands on an Oscar statuette. The Revenant is one of eight films vying for the coveted Best Picture award at the 2016 Oscars, and speaking of nominations, here’s a trailer for all of them and how you can catch them after watching the ceremony.

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Oscars 2016 Best Picture Nominees
the big short
Other Nominations: Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor; Adam McKay for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, later with Charles Randolph
How can you watch it: iTunes US

bridge of spies
Other Nominations: Mark Rylance for Best Supporting Actor; Matt Charman and the Coen Brothers for Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Original Score; Best production design; and best sound mixing
How you can watch it: Out on Blu-ray, iTunes US

Other Nominations: Saoirse Ronan for Best Actress; Best Adapted Screenplay
How can you watch it: iTunes US

mad max fury road
Other Nominations: George Miller for Best Director; Best Cinematography Best Film Editing; Best production design; Best Dress Design; best makeup and hair styling; best visual effects; Best sound mixing; best sound editing
How you can watch it: Out on Blu-ray, itunes india, google play store

Other Nominations: Matt Damon for Best Actor; Best Adapted Screenplay; best visual effects; Best production design; Best sound mixing; best sound editing
How you can watch it: Out on Blu-ray, itunes india, google play store

Other Nominations: Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor; Alejandro G. for Best Director. inaritu; Tom Hardy for Best Supporting Actor; Emmanuel Lubezki for Best Cinematography; Best Film Editing; Best Dress Design; Best sound editing; Best sound mixing; best makeup and hair styling; best visual effects; best production design
How you can watch it: Outside in the cinema hall

Other Nominations: Brie Larson for Best Actress; Lenny Abrahamson for Best Director; Best Adapted Screenplay
How you can watch it: Outside in the cinema hall

Other Nominations: Mark Ruffalo for Best Supporting Actor; Rachel McAdams for Best Supporting Actress; Tom McCarthy for Best Director; Best Original Screenplay; and Best Film Editing
How you can watch it: Outside in the cinema hall

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