August 15, 2022
Signed up for the free Apple Music trial at launch?  Last chance to cancel before bill is sent

If you’re one of those people who signed up for a three-month free trial of Apple Music on June 30, your trial is about to end. Apple will start charging you Rs. 120 per month if you have signed up for the Personal plan, or Rs. 190 per month if you have signed up for the family plan. If you love Apple Music, this might sound like a good deal, but if you want to use another music streaming service or just don’t want to pay for Apple Music, you’ll have to end the three months. You must cancel your subscription before it happens. ,

Doing so is a simple process and you can cancel your subscription from the Music app on your iOS device itself. If you don’t have your iOS device, or if you want to do it via PC or Mac, you can use iTunes to prevent your subscription from renewing automatically. We have described this process in detail and all you have to do is follow the steps given in our article.

If you’re still confused about which music streaming service to use in India, we’ve compared them all to help you make a choice. Apple Music is one of the best streaming services for international music, but if Indian music is a big part of your playlist then you can consider other options.

Have you canceled your Apple Music subscription or do you like enough to pay for it? Let us know through comment. For more tutorials, visit our How To section.

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