August 10, 2022
FIFA 22 title update #1 fixes goalkeepers, improves referee’s reasoning

FIFA 22 is getting its first major patch – labeled Title Update #1 – which comes with a slew of gameplay changes, mainly in the goalkeeping department. As you may have read in FIFA 22 reviews, including ours, the goalkeepers in EA Sports’ new football sim are really powerful. But they also seem broken in parts, with some hilarious and frustrating bugs resulting in keepers going dumb around the simplest shots. The new patch addresses their effectiveness, and appears to fix the latter as well, though we won’t know for sure until we part with it.

Title Update #1 is already live for those playing FIFA 22 on Stadia, and PC users on either Origin or Steam. EA Sports said it would be rolled out to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X versions “at a later date”. official fifa forum,

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Goalkeeper effectiveness is reduced when the keeper dives for top corner shots taken from inside the penalty box – specifically for shots taken within 37 feet / 11.27 meters of the goalkeeper. On the other hand, the goalkeeper’s effectiveness is increased “very little” for high finesse shots. EA Sports has added new goalkeeper animations to make this happen. Keepers will now respond more authentically, claim the FIFA 22 devs. Lastly, the EA has fixed an incorrect save animation that keepers perform multiple times when saving headers.

On paper, that last bit sounds like it might solve problems we’ve personally faced. As you can see in the video below, FIFA 22 goalkeepers are completely clueless when it comes to the simplest headers. It’s honestly both disappointing and hilarious, though it’s a lot more than the former when it comes to being online.

In addition, FIFA 22 Title Update #1 also brings some defensive gameplay changes. The frequency of players making contact with a traveling ball is improved when attempting a sliding block. Additionally, during counterattacks emerging from a corner, defenders marking opponents near the half line will now do a better job of it.

The first major patch of FIFA 22 will also improve ref. Higher-velocity tackles will now cause more fouls. As would happen if players deliberately hit the goalkeeper while holding the ball. Meanwhile, soft physical contact across the pitch will promote fewer fouls. And lastly, a properly timed slide tackle will result in fewer penalty kicks.

For FIFA 22 PS5 gamers, FIFA 22 Title Update #1 also brings a new controller setting that allows you to tweak the amount of adaptive trigger resistance you want. Hopefully, this will also ease concerns about DualSense’s trigger springs prone to failure and breakage.

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