August 9, 2022
Windows 10 users will get PC Health Check app as a native update with new features

Microsoft is expanding its PC Health Check app to older Windows 10 PCs, with a dashboard you can monitor your system’s health and troubleshoot to improve its performance. The app was originally released to let people check whether their PCs are upgradeable to Windows 11 or not. Microsoft pulled the original PC Health Check app because it embroiled a controversy over system requirements. However, it has recently returned with the necessary fixes to notify users on their PC’s eligibility to update to Windows 11.

one in support pageMicrosoft has said that it is bringing the PC Health Check app to PCs running Windows 10, version 2004 and later. The app will be available to all eligible systems via Windows Update, although users can download it manually from the Windows Update Catalog.

“PC Health Check includes diagnostics to monitor device health and troubleshoot performance improvements, all from the convenience of a single dashboard,” Microsoft said in the support page.

Some of the features that the PC Health Check app brings to users include the ability to view the battery capacity relative to the original drive as well as the storage usage for the main drive that houses files, apps, and Windows. The app allows users to manage startup programs and provides suggestions to improve overall PC health and performance.

All these features come with “a comprehensive eligibility check based on minimum system requirements for Windows 11” to inform users whether their systems are upgradeable to the latest Windows version. The app also provides details on backing up and syncing user data via Microsoft OneDrive and helping you stay updated on Windows 10 – in case you’re not moving to Windows 11 for whatever reason.

as ZDNet notes, Microsoft has mentioned on the support page that the PC Health Checkup app will by default be installed automatically whenever critical application updates are available. This also means that it will not allow users to turn off automatic updates.

Although the PC Health Check app will be available to a large number of Windows 10 users via Windows Update, Microsoft has still provided a way to uninstall the app manually – if you don’t want to use its features. You can uninstall the app by going to Apps , Apps & Features , App List (Windows PC Health Checkup) , uninstall,

PC Health Check was originally released earlier this year as a tool to check eligibility for Windows 11. Microsoft reissued App after last month dragging it immediately after launch Displeasure for not showing the exact Windows 11 requirements in some cases.

It is important to note that despite the latest update, the PC Health Check app will be limited to Windows 10 and will not be available for systems running any previous or newer Windows version.

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