August 10, 2022
1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

True wireless earphones may be the present and future of personal audio, but there are still buyers for the more traditional neckband-style design. Aside from the cost advantage to this design, there’s also the fact that you can get better hardware and specifications, thanks to the headset’s larger look. A good example of this is the one we’re reviewing today: the 1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones.

Currently the price is Rs. 8,599, the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth is the wireless version of the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. While the actual earphones remain the same, with a familiar triple-driver setup, the new headset features wireless connectivity and a neckband to keep the headset secure. Can the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth Wired Edition meet the higher standards set? Find out in our review.

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The neckband design may be a bit old-fashioned, but it is tried and tested.

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Design and Specification

As the wireless version of the excellent 1More Triple Driver earphones, there are naturally a lot of similarities between the two models. The earbuds are similar, with the same metal casing and shape as well as angled ear tips that let them sit comfortably in your ears. As before, we love the way the earbuds look, and they were comfortable, too. A short rubber cable runs from each earbud to the neckband, and a short clip lets you keep them attached when not in use.

Like many other earphones from 1More, the Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones come with nine pairs of ear tips; Six of these are silicone, while three are foam. Although we generally favor foam tips for their better fit and noise isolation, we found silicone tips to be better for these earphones as they are a bit more flexible and provide a better seal. The sale package also includes a USB Type-C charging cable and a carry pouch for the headset.

The neckband is made from a combination of plastic and rubber, and houses the battery, electronics, and controls of the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones. The rubber part of the neckband is very flexible and you can stretch it however you want. It can also be folded securely into a loop for easy storage.

The neckband’s left collar holds the controls, and the USB Type-C port for charging sits under a flap on the end. You can control power, playback, and volume from the neckband. There’s also an indicator light and microphone for the headset. It’s a simple, tried-and-true design that still works well today.

Inside each earpiece is the familiar triple-driver setup we saw on the wired version—one dynamic driver to handle the low-end, and two balanced-armature drivers for mid and high. The 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth Headset is Hi-Res Audio certified, with a frequency response range of 20-40,000Hz. Bluetooth 4.2 is used for connectivity, with support for the SBC, AAC, and LDAC Bluetooth codecs. There’s no aptX support, but the presence of LDAC means it’s not really a problem as Android devices widely support the codec.

Battery life was the best on the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones; We were able to use the earphones for about six hours per charge, with mixed usage that included listening to music, making calls, and a little standby time. The earphones took about three hours to charge, which we felt was a bit long considering how small the battery is.

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You can control volume, playback, and power from the neckband’s left collar

1More Triple Driver Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Performance

We loved the 1More Triple Driver wired earphones, so we had high hopes for the wireless version. The earphones didn’t disappoint us, with a balanced audiophile-friendly sonic signature, detailed sound, and almost the same level of quality that the wired version was capable of. We tested the earphones with the OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) and Apple MacBook Air as the source devices, using Spotify, YouTube Music, and our collection of high-resolution audio tracks to play the music.

Starting with Summer Dame by Basement Jaxx, we were immediately impressed by how detailed and balanced the sound was. Like most of Basement Jaxx’s music, the track combines a lot of key elements, playing in the more distant-sounding parts of the soundstage, which the 1More earphones managed to replicate beautifully. Sections of the track in which the two singers were singing together sounded good, both well apart, and showing off the level of detail on offer with these earphones. The main advantage of using a multi-driver setup is clearly audible, and 1More makes the most of the drivers’ technical capabilities.

Moving to Hold Back Love by Crack and Smack, the opening bass sounded tight and calculative, but stopped being loud and loud as we loved hearing in this peppy house track. The sonic signature was reliably balanced, giving every element of the track time to shine. While that in itself is commendable, we still wish these earphones were flexible enough to take center-stage different elements of the track.

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The earpiece design is similar to the wired 1More Triple Driver earphones

With the wired version of the 1More Triple Driver Earphones, listening to high-resolution audio tracks on the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth Earphones adds a little more depth to the sound. Not only did we hear more detail, but the sound signature also sounded a bit more adaptable and accommodating. Close to You by Avalanche in FLAC format sounded beautiful, bringing out the tiniest of details in this sample-based track and giving the bass only a hint more thump than a streamed version of the same recording.

The drivers themselves are well-tuned, and this can be heard in the bass tightness and the crispness of the mids and highs. The three drivers splitting the work also meant that even the busiest and most detailed tracks weren’t slowed down by the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones. Listening to a high-resolution version of Life on the Nickel by Foster the People showed how even this beat-filled busy track didn’t cause the earphones to wobble.

We found performance to be significantly better when using our Android smartphone with the LDAC Bluetooth codec. Performance was also good with the AAC codec, but the higher bandwidth of the LDAC codec made for a more complete and detailed sound performance from the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth Earphones.

We used the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones for voice calls as well, and performance was decent in both indoor and outdoor environments. Some cable noise was audible, but their short length meant they didn’t rub against our clothes as often, making this a minor problem.

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Charging is via USB Type-C port


Neckband-style wireless earphones are not as popular in the mid-range and premium price segment as they were before. While we still see a lot of these earphones in the budget segment, shoppers who can afford true wireless or fully equipped over-ear headphones prefer them instead. A small segment of the audience – especially audiophiles – can still see the value in the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth as it offers the convenience of wireless connectivity as well as the audio quality.

The earphones look good, sound great and are comfortable enough for everyday use. The only significant drawback is the battery life; At less than six hours per charge, it might not even last a full day of your fair use. Beyond that, it’s a good pair of earphones for buyers who want high-quality sound on the go.

worth: Rupee. 8,599


  • balanced, detailed sound
  • Lots of ear tips in the box
  • LDAC, AAC Bluetooth Codec Support
  • Flexible neckband with easy-to-use controls


  • below average battery life

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design / Comfort: 4
  • Audio Quality: 4
  • Battery life: 3
  • Value for money: 4
  • Overall: 4
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