August 15, 2022
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Amazon’s Echo range of speakers and audio accessories starts at Rs. 2,999 for the Echo Flex, but the more you’re willing to pay, the better device you can buy. If you have a substantial budget and want a premium smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Studio is something you can choose from. Priced at Rs 22,999, it is the most expensive smart speaker in the Echo range, and promises everything from superior sound to a feature-filled smart home experience.

The Echo Studio features a five-speaker system in one package, and offers the familiar Echo and Alexa experience. Will this be enough to justify Rs. 22,999 price tag, though? Find out in our review of the Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio Full Amazon Echo Studio Review

The Echo Studio is the biggest and heaviest Echo speaker you can buy

Amazon Echo Studio Design and Specs

Some of Amazon’s new Echo devices have experimented with the design, but the Echo Studio sticks to a familiar look and feel. The device has a cylindrical shape like the Echo (3rd generation), but is slightly wider and rounded near the top. It’s also huge; The Studio is the largest Echo speaker ever built at about 21cm long and 18cm wide.

Apart from its dimensions, it is also very heavy at 3.86kg. Weight really does matter when it comes to placement, as this is a wired speaker that needs to be connected to a power outlet to work and isn’t intended to be carried around often. The base of the Echo Studio is rubber, which helps keep it securely in place. Like other Echo devices, the Studio has a fabric coating on the outside with plastic on the top. Echo Studio is available in only one color – Black.

Another familiar element is the light ring, alongside the four-button layout we’ve become so familiar with – volume up, volume down, microphone mute and action. The rear of the speaker houses the power port, 3.5mm line-in socket, and a micro-USB port that’s used for service-related tasks and for a wired Internet connection if needed (with a dongle in the middle) . Near the bottom is an opening that Amazon calls the ‘bass aperture,’ which exposes the subwoofer driver.

The Amazon Echo Studio is the most capable speaker the company has yet made, and the driver arrangement is impressive. There are five drivers – three 51mm mid-range ones firing left, right and forward; A 25mm tweeter firing upwards; And a 133mm subwoofer firing downward into the ‘bass aperture’ above.

Amazon Echo Studio Review Aperture Amazon Echo Studio

The ‘Bass Aperture’ is a large hollow just below the subwoofer

For connectivity, the device has Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth, and of course, works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. All of Alexa’s capabilities – streaming music, providing information, letting you shop online, various third-party skills, communication such as drop-in and voice calls – can be used on the Echo Studio.

The device is easy to set up using the Alexa app for your smartphone or tablet. There’s also a built-in Smart Home Hub, which lets you use some smart devices from brands like Philips, Anker, Syska, Oakter, Wipro, TP-Link and many more, without the need for a separate hub. Useful, you can also link the Echo Studio to an Amazon Fire TV device wirelessly, allowing you to use the studio for sound instead of your TV’s speakers.

Amazon Echo Studio performance

The Echo Studio has been called Amazon’s best-sounding Echo ever, and it certainly lives up to that claim. We used the device for a few weeks before writing this review; Streaming music from various services and watching TV shows and movies on Fire TV Stick 4K with speaker sound.

Starting with our experience with music streaming, the Amazon Echo Studio is, as claimed, the best-sounding Echo device ever. Multi-driver setups built for good separation of frequencies, and having dedicated drivers meant that sound was defined and properly isolated throughout the range. We were also quite impressed with the mid-range, intended for this with three drivers handling the lows and highs sections efficiently as well.

Listening to Dance With Me by Dizzy Rascal and Calvin Harris, we were especially impressed by how distinct and crisp the vocals were. It’s a typical garage-grime dance number, and the dedicated tweeter and subwoofer handled the ups and downs in the track well. We enjoyed the drive and excitement that Echo Studio brought to this peppy track.

Amazon Echo Studio Review Port Amazon Echo Studio

The micro-USB port is for service functions, and if you want to connect a LAN cable

The subwoofer is particularly powerful, and the design of its aperture makes for impressive lows. Listening to The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala, we liked the rumble and detail in the bass, which gave the sound some character and made for an impressive listening experience that we’d expect from the speaker being slightly more expensive than the Echo Studio. would expect. , It was capable of very loud sounds, and even at high volumes, the sound remained clear.

Another impressive aspect of the sound is its quality even outside the sweet spot. While most single-box speakers sound good only when the speaker’s eyes are on, the Amazon Echo Studio sounded good even from afar with walls in the middle.

Amazon Echo Studio supports HD and 3D music with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos Music standards. For now though, none of these formats are officially supported by any streaming services in India, so we weren’t able to test them. Various sound formats are supported, including Dolby Atmos, and it works with some content in India; We were able to use this feature while streaming some videos on Netflix on our Fire TV Stick 4K.

As a speaker for TV shows and movies, the Amazon Echo Studio really gets into its element. The sound certainly wasn’t on par with a good home theater system or a workable soundbar like the Sony HT-X8500, but it was decent nonetheless. Some of the TVs we reviewed recently include the Mi TV 4X 55.

Amazon Echo Studio Review Fire TV Stick Amazon Echo Studio

Echo Studio can be used with Amazon Fire TV devices

The sound is broad and spacious, working well even in large rooms. Dedicated mid-range drivers are used to deliver clear and crisp sound, while the subwoofer does its job to add ambiance to action-packed TV shows and movies. Perhaps its only real weakness of the Echo Studio is that it’s a one-piece speaker, and stereo separation isn’t as capable as what we hear on a proper two-channel setup. It’s possible to link two Echo Studio speakers in a stereo setup, but that puts the price at Rs. 46,000.

The link with our Fire TV Stick was not without its issues, though. Setup was easy, and the products are easy to use together, but we did experience occasional lag in sound when using a fast Internet connection, especially with the YouTube app. This problem could be fixed by rebooting both the Echo Studio and the Fire TV Stick, but it reappeared a few times.

When working properly, the Amazon Echo Studio kept a stable connection, with the Fire TV Stick’s remote controlling its volume for convenient adjustments. Dolby Atmos wasn’t as impressive on a proper soundbar (or even an integrated soundbar like the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro), but it made the sound sound a bit wider and more spacious than using the TV’s native speakers. Made it feel

The Echo Studio is capable of ‘Alexa’ wake-word listening, and its microphones can pick up voice commands from distances and angles that we previously thought weren’t possible for a smart speaker. The device is also said to calibrate its sound every few seconds depending on the environment, though we didn’t hear any noticeable evidence of this.

Amazon Echo Studio Review Button Amazon Echo Studio

The familiar four-button setup gives you basic hardware controls on the Echo Studio


22,999 at Rs. 22,999 Amazon Echo Studio is the most expensive Echo speaker ever. It’s also the best yet, and makes for a better Echo experience than it has ever been. Although connecting an Echo speaker to a Fire TV Stick isn’t a new feature, it’s one that only really makes sense with the Echo Studio. The Core Echo experience – that is, using it as a smart speaker for music – is enjoyable too.

Although not as good as a proper multi-channel speaker setup or soundbar, the Amazon Echo Studio is far more capable than anything else in the Echo lineup, and much better than any other smart speaker we’ve heard to date . The size, multi-driver setup, and full Alexa suite of features, plus the fact that it works well with the Fire TV Stick, make it a useful device that’s justified for the price.

Amazon Echo Studio Price: Rupee. 22,999

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