August 15, 2022
Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones Review

Although German brand Blaupunkt is known for its car audio products, its headphones and earphones are popular in India as well. Marketed in India by Envent Worldwide (known for its range of affordable audio products), Blaupunkt caught our attention last year with the BTW-01 True Wireless Earphones, which we then rated as the best true wireless earphones Believed what you could then buy for less than Rs. 5,000 Today, we’re reviewing the successor to those earphones, the Blaupunkt BTW Pro.

6,999, the Blaupunkt BTW Pro is more expensive than the BTW-01 but promises a bit more to justify it. The big improvement here is support for the Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth codec, which promises better sound quality when used with a compatible device. There’s more to these true wireless earphones as well; Find out all about the Blaupunkt BTW Pro in our review.

Handheld Blaupunkt BTW Pro Review

Blaupunkt BTW Pro earphones support aptX bluetooth codec

Blaupunkt BTW Pro Design and Specifications

The true wireless earphones segment has come a long way since last year, but Blaupunkt’s design hasn’t. The Blaupunkt BTW Pro earphones are a lot like the BTW-01 earphones; While the simple look and basic style might have been forgivable in an affordable space a year ago, we continue to expect more in 2020. The dull plastic and boring finish of the earphones and charging case do make the BTW Pro feel cheap, and of course. No, Rs. 7,000 you should buy.

The earphones resemble the Skullcandy Indy earpieces, which themselves are inspired by the Apple AirPods; One stem protrudes from each one, and there is a primary microphone at the bottom with a second one near the top of each. The earphones have an in-canal fit, but have tiny tips that don’t sit very securely in our ears or give us the optimum level of noise isolation.

There’s a touch-sensitive area on the exterior of each earphone that can be used to control playback and volume on the Blaupunkt BTW Pro; A single tap on either side adjusts the volume, a double tap will play or pause music, and a long press will skip to the next or previous track. You can also activate the voice assistant on a paired smartphone via a triple-tap on the right earbud. The gesture controls were simple enough for us to master, and we appreciated being able to control the volume on the headset.

It is possible to use the earbuds independently, but the two must be paired to work with different smartphones. We found that this sometimes caused connection issues; Sometimes, only one earphone worked, while the other failed to latch on as a ‘slave’ earbud. The best results were obtained in terms of connection stability and speed, except for a pair with the smartphone.

While our review unit was a grey-black, the Blaupunkt BTW Pro sold on Amazon is only available in plain black. The earphones are IPX7-rated for water resistance, and should be able to comfortably handle prolonged water exposure. The dual-microphone system claims to improve performance on voice calls by using environmental noise cancellation.

The charging case of the Blaupunkt BTW Pro is made of plastic and it doesn’t look or feel great. The earphones sit comfortably inside the case, and a small indicator light on the outside indicates the charging status, but the micro-USB charging port is a major drawback here. Many affordable manufacturers have already moved to USB Type-C, it’s surprising that these earphones stick to the dated Micro-USB port at this price.

The Blaupunkt BTW Pro uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, and supports the Qualcomm aptX and SBC Bluetooth codecs. The lack of support for AAC is strange, and means these true wireless earphones are more suitable for use with Android smartphones that widely support the aptX codec.

The Blaupunkt BTW Pro’s battery life is impressive, with the earphones lasting around seven hours at high volume levels before charging. The charging case provided three full charges, giving the earphones a total battery life of around 28 hours per cycle.

Blaupunkt btw pro review earphones Blaupunkt

The earphones each have two microphones – one on the bottom, and one near the top

Blaupunkt BTW Pro Performance

We quite liked the Blaupunkt BTW-01 earphones, and so we were curious to see what the company could do with better Bluetooth codec support. However, although the BTW Pro is more expensive than its predecessor and better equipped on paper, our experience with it was not as positive. The new earphones feel dated, awkward and certainly not as impressive as other products in the price segment.

We primarily used a OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) as the source device to test the Blaupunkt BTW Pro earphones, which took advantage of the aptX codec. We used Spotify, YouTube Music, and our collection of high-resolution audio tracks, and we also tested performance with video and voice calls.

Starting with Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead (Borgor Remix), we immediately found Blaupunkt BTW Pro to be too bouncy. The bass was aggressive, resonant, and excessive with this punchy dubstep track, to the extent that it regularly dominated other elements of the track. Some high sections of the track were completely lost due to the rumble low-end. The sound was kind of like we would experience in a nightclub standing right next to a large speaker.

Moving away from the track with aggressive lows, we listened to Days to Come By Bonobo in FLAC format. Bass, while still aggressive and overpowering, is a bit over-calculated thanks to the high quality of the audio track. It’s here that we experienced the benefits of the aptX Bluetooth codec, as a fair amount of detail could be heard in the range despite the extremely low end. Some of the faint instruments on the track sounded nice and distinct, giving us a good sense of direction and soundstage.

That said, bass always has the final say in any track, and it took some effort on our part to be able to appreciate the finer details of the music we listened to. While the earphones are detailed, the bass was still unnecessarily punchy, which was tiring. We didn’t enjoy our music as much as we did when using similarly priced competition like the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earphones. If you like your bass punchy, you might enjoy what Blaupunkt BTW Pro has to offer.

While watching an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Blaupunkt BTW Pro on our smartphone, we found that the banging sound doesn’t make for a very clean audio experience. The voices had the effect of a rumble on them, which quickly became tiring. On a fair amount of voice calls, performance was adequate; Noise cancellation helped make conversations a bit clearer, but we didn’t find the sound as natural and detailed as on the Oppo Enco Free.

Blaupunkt btw pro review single Blaupunkt

Unfortunately, Qualcomm aptX support is not enough for this headset


Considering how much we like the Blaupunkt BTW-01, we had high expectations from its successor. The Blaupunkt BTW Pro unfortunately doesn’t survive, feeling dated in design and poorly tuned compared to the consistently better competition in the segment. Bass lovers may appreciate the punchy low-end, but we found the earphones to be too bouncy for our liking.

While there’s some detail to hear through the rumbling sonic signature, and the battery life is great for true wireless earphones, we think the Blaupunkt BTW Pro’s shortcomings will outweigh its benefits for most people. This pair of earphones is worth considering only if you love your bass extremely; If not, at this price point, options like the 1More Stylish True Wireless Earphones and the Shanling MTW100 can be better bets.

worth: Rupee. 6,999


  • good gesture control
  • very good battery life
  • IPX7 Water Resistance
  • aptX makes for detailed sound (if you can hear it)


  • bass is loud and strong
  • Average design, awkward fit
  • no aac codec support

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design / Comfort: 3
  • Audio Quality: 3
  • Battery Life: 4.5
  • Value for money: 3.5
  • Overall: 3.5
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