August 10, 2022
Claw ANC7 Active Noise Canceling Earphone Review

We’ve reviewed a bunch of active noise-canceling headphones, and if they all have one thing in common, it’s the high pricing. This feature is a premium feature typically only seen on high-end headphones, and is usually paired with Bluetooth connectivity for maximum on-the-go convenience. The product we’re reviewing here – the Claw ANC7 Noise Canceling Earphones – defies both of these criteria.

Priced at Rs. 3,790, the Clau ANC7 is one of the most affordable headsets you can buy today with Active Noise Cancellation. We put this pair of wired earphones to the test, to find out if it’s actually possible to have good noise cancellation on a budget. Here is our review.

paw anc7 review logo paw anc7The Claw ANC7 has a module that houses the battery and controls

Claw ANC7 Design and Specification

It’s easy to assume that active noise cancellation and wireless connectivity go hand in hand, but the two don’t depend on each other at all. The Claw ANC7 earphones have the former, but the latter doesn’t—it’s an active noise-canceling headset that connects to a source device using a 3.5mm plug. There’s a battery module on the headset that, in addition to adding a bit of amplification, powers the active noise cancellation feature and monitor mode.

The earphones have a basic rubber-coated cable that splits into left and right channels above the battery and control module. On the right is a separate three-button in-line remote and microphone. The earbuds have wings for a secure fit, as well as specially shaped ear tips. The earbuds are largely plastic, but have a metal outer casing with a microphone for noise cancellation. The metal outer plates have a concentric circle pattern, which we really liked.

On the metal control module, you’ll see a separate claw logo, along with a slider switch for active noise cancellation and a button for Monitor Mode. There’s a micro-USB port for charging at the bottom of the module, and a small indicator light can be seen right next to the slider switch, to indicate when the device is on and the battery status while charging . A single rubber cable runs from the module to the 3.5mm plug of the Claw ANC7.

The earphones weigh around 23 grams, and we found them to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The fit is secure, and we were happy with the passive noise isolation offered by the earphones, even without turning on active noise cancellation. We experienced a fair amount of cable noise with the thin cables above the module, which affected noise cancellation to an extent—more on that in the next section.

The sale package includes two pairs of wings for the earbuds, three pairs of ear tips, a short micro-USB cable for charging, and a small carry pouch for the earphones. The Claw ANC7 earphones feature 13mm drivers, a frequency response range of 10-22,000 Hz, and a 32 ohm impedance rating.

The 95mAh battery in the module lasts for about 15 hours with noise cancellation and occasional monitor mode usage. A full charge took a little less than an hour, but five minutes of charging is claimed to take up to two hours of active noise cancellation.

claw anc7 review module claw anc7The module has a slider switch for power and a button for monitor mode

Claw ANC7 Performance

Although the price is Rs. 3,790, the Claw ANC7 is at its core a budget pair of earphones that will compete with alternatives priced around Rs. 2,000 were it not for the active noise cancellation feature. This boosts the appeal of the earphones both in terms of actual functionality as well as the perceived improvement in sound quality. We tested the earphones with the Apple iPad Mini (2019) and OnePlus 7T Pro (Review), using Spotify, YouTube Music, and our collection of high-resolution audio tracks.

We started with Netsky’s Rio, and it was clear from the introduction of this drum-and-bass track that the earphones have a classic bass-oriented sound signature. Bass was audibly strong, but didn’t have the same sensory, resonant effect as we’ve experienced with some competing affordable earphones. Aside from this lack of punch, the sound was pleasant and made for a good listening experience with most popular genres.

Turning up the volume and listening to more percussive tracks like Fake Awake by Andy Moore came out more favorably, but the focus on bass and sub-bass elements meant that the mid-range wasn’t as detailed or distinctive as we’d like. must have come. There was a slight spike in height, but the sound signature of these earphones is defined by their handling of the bass.

The Claw ANC7 earphones benefit from better quality recording or better-engineered audio tracks; Listening to Not the News by Thom Yorke showed us a revealing and crisp side of the earphones that we haven’t heard in any other track. There was a hint of quality to the soundstage that manifested with the right kind of source material. However, we did feel that the sound is pretty much the same as what we would get from wired headphones for around Rs. 2,500 or so.

Active noise cancellation is, of course, the Claw ANC7’s key feature, and it does a decent job. While not naturally on a par with premium noise-canceling headsets, we got a decent level of noise reduction with the ANC7. The rumble of the air conditioning in our office, or the general rumble of traffic and the road, was quite soft with noise cancellation, and the earphones managed it without any coziness or interference.

Moreover, the noise cancellation not only made it easy to listen to music but also gave a little amplification to the earphones. While the earphones sound fine with the noise cancellation switch off, there is a definite improvement in loudness and sound quality when this amplification is applied.

That said, cable noise proved to be a problem here. Despite the noise cancellation quality, moving around caused the cables to brush against our clothes, causing interference that negated the good done by noise cancellation. It was somewhat covered when music was playing, but being able to just sit in silence isn’t something you can expect from these earphones.

paw anc7 full paw anc7 reviewWired earphones connect to any device with a 3.5mm jack

With music playing at high volumes, cable noise is a little easy to ignore. However, the earphones revealed another problem with the volume pump – sound leakage. Even at about 80 percent level, the tracks we were listening to could be clearly heard by those around us. Freed From Desire By Gala’s distinctive intro hook can be heard (and recognized) even by people sitting about 10 feet away.

There is also a monitoring mode, which is controlled by a button on the module. It turns down the volume of whatever is playing and activates the microphone on the earbuds to allow outside sound to come through, similar to the transparency mode on various other earphones and headphones. This worked well for us, but the volume reduction meant it was only suitable for times when we needed someone to talk to, not just as a way to safely listen to music while ensuring That you know what is happening around you. ,

The Claw ANC7 worked well for voice calls as well, with clean sound on both ends of the call.


Active noise cancellation on headphones or earphones is something you usually have to pay a lot of money for, which is what makes the Claw ANC7 special. 3,790, this is one of the most affordable noise canceling headsets you can buy, and it does a decent job of it too. However, issues like cable noise and sound leakage at high volumes take away from an otherwise good pair of earphones.

If you don’t have a high budget and absolutely need active noise cancellation, it might be worth picking up the Claw ANC 7 – it’ll make your commute a little better, and might even come in handy on flights. There are definitely better-sounding wired earphones available for around this price or less such as the RHA S500i, which will be a better option for you if noise cancellation is something you can do without.

worth: Rupee. 3,790


  • nice design, comfortable
  • Good noise cancellation and battery life
  • elaborate soundstage
  • loud


  • distracting cable noise
  • sound leakage at high volume

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design / Comfort: 4
  • Audio Quality: 3.5
  • Value for money: 3.5
  • Overall: 3.5
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