August 12, 2022
First impressions of PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

As the popularity of PUBG Mobile continues to grow, Tencent is adding new features and gameplay modes to keep things fresh and interesting. Recently, it introduced a major update with version 0.17.0, and one of the new features is Arctic Mode, which just went live. The new mode adds fresh gameplay mechanics and survival elements, so players have to survive the blizzard while still fighting other teams.

The new Arctic Mode went live on April 16th and is a free update within the game. We’ve been trying it out for a few hours now, and here are our initial impressions about it.

How to get the new Arctic Mode in PUBG Mobile

To get Arctic Mode, just make sure you’re playing the latest version of PUBG Mobile, which is 0.17.0, which released on February 23. If you don’t have the game installed, just go to the Google Play Store. Or Apple App Store and download it.

When you launch the game, you should see a small pop-up banner for the new mode on the left side of the game’s main screen. If you don’t, just tap on the map below the ‘Start’ button, go to the EvoGround section, and in the ‘PlayLab’ sub-menu, you should automatically have Arctic Mode as the first selectable option (Provided you already downloaded the ‘Vikendi’ map).

pubg arctic mode mode pubg​Arctic Mode should automatically appear in EvoGrounds game mode

How do the new mechanics work?

Arctic Mode takes place in an ice-covered Vikendi environment, but there are new resources to deal with and an intermittent blizzard to deal with. This mode can only be played with a team of four players, and you will still have 100 players per match. Think of it as a ‘classic’ match with a twist.

The first thing you’ll notice is a new temperature gauge next to your health bar. You need to keep an eye on it when a blizzard hits. You also have a snowboard with you whenever you’re on a snowy surface. A quick tap of the ‘Ski’ option lets you snowboard around instead of walking, which is fun. The controls are similar to driving a vehicle in the game. There are also some vehicles like snow bikes scattered around the terrain that you can use to get around faster.

When you first land on the island, in addition to collecting guns, ammo, and health packs, you’ll want to keep an eye out for things like branches, heaters, and warming packs. They are usually found in small piles inside homes. You will need to stock a lot of branches to extend the life of the bonfire you build. You’ll also find chickens roaming around, some scattered randomly in the woods, but many near homes as well. You can kill them and collect raw meat later for a literal in-game ‘chicken dinner’.

Before the blizzard hits, you get a 30-second warning announcement to find some shelter. Once it hits, your body temperature begins to drop, indicated by the tiny thermometer. As soon as it starts to turn orange, your health starts to drop very quickly, even more so when you leave the confines of the playing area. We usually saw two or three Blizzards during the entire match, which usually lasted a few minutes.

Pub Arctic Mode Heater PugMake Sure You Have Enough Equipment to Keep Warm in a Blizzard

You can start the bonfire via a shortcut option that pops up on the screen, or open your backpack and select the option from there. Once you start a bonfire, you can keep adding branches to it to keep the fire going. A little timer above the bonfire lets you know how much time is left before you die. If you have any chicken meat, you can cook it over a fire and turn it into a roast chicken to eat later. You can let your teammates collect the roast chicken.

Heater is very useful to keep yourself and your companions warm. It is also found in homes like guns and gunpowder. When in use, it creates a wide circle of heat around you, so you and your partner can actually move from house to house without freezing, despite blizzards. If you find a drone, you can use it to explore the area and try to find enemies in neighboring houses. Drones have limited power so be sure to use it wisely. When you’re done with it, you can memorize it and use it later. Keep in mind that you are vulnerable to attacks when flying a drone, so it’s best to only do this if you have someone watching your back.

We noticed a few glitches in the PUBG Mobile arctic mode, for example the movement of chickens can be erratic at times, making them difficult to kill. We saw players empty entire clips of bullets before killing a single chicken. In addition, some world elements such as shrubs, which are considered outdoors, eventually become indoors in some homes.

Is it more fun than the classic Vikendi map?

Teamwork has never been more important in PUBG Mobile than in Arctic Mode, and it is best played with friends. Communication is important here too, because during a blizzard, it’s best if some teammates focus the fire, while others scout the area with drones or be on the lookout for any oncoming attacks.

pub arctic mode drone asaDrones add a new stealth element to gameplay that you can take advantage of

If you’re looking for more of a challenge than classic maps, then yes, Arctic Mode is definitely a lot of fun. Camping outside during a blizzard can be a chore at times because there’s nothing more to do than wait for it to pass. However, it also provides the opportunity to plan sudden attacks on other players.

Every bonfire lit during Blizzard is visible on the map, which means you can find out where the other players are hiding. If you plan things properly, your team can make a good attack on others when they least expect it. However, if you’re going to just sit around doing nothing during Blizzard, there isn’t much that detracts from the classic gameplay.

Have you tried arctic mode in PUBG yet? Tell us what you think about this in the comments.

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