August 15, 2022
Jas X-Five Wireless Review |  Gadgets 360

There are a lot of wireless headphones available under Rs. 5,000 today, and most of these choices are from brands that many of us may not even have heard of or know little about. So we find it especially refreshing when an established brand with a history of making good products gives this segment a shot. Today, we’re reviewing a new budget wireless headset from Swedish boutique headphone maker Jays.

Jays X-Five Wireless is priced at Rs. 3,499 in India, and serves as a basic wireless on-ear headset. However, the Jays brand name implies that we expect bigger things from these headphones when it comes to sound quality. Does the Jays X-Five Wireless live up to these expectations? Find out in our review.

Jazz X-Five Wireless review controls the Jazz X-Five Wireless

The X-Five Wireless is a basic, wireless, on-ear headset

Jas X-Five Wireless Review

We’ve come to expect a somewhat generic design in the budget wireless segment, and our first impressions of the Jays x-Five Wireless weren’t great. There’s a lot of plastic on the ear cup frame and parts of the headband, and the device didn’t feel particularly sturdy. The ear padding was also easy to remove and reattach, leading some to question how securely they would stay in place. During our time with the headset, we had no problems with it—they stayed on securely enough.

The left ear cup houses a micro-USB port for charging, while the right has controls for volume, playback, power, and a 3.5mm jack for wired connectivity. There’s also a microphone and an indicator light on the right.

The exteriors of the ear cups are metal with the like logo, but the dull finish makes these headphones feel like an affordable pair. The Jas X-Five Wireless is lightweight, and the padding around the ear cups and headband is good enough, making for a fairly comfortable fit. Sound isolation is average, considering this is an on-ear headset, while sound leakage is mild and really a problem at very high volumes.

When it comes to specifications, there are some hits and misses for the Jas X-Five Wireless. The headset has 40mm drivers and a frequency response range of 32-18,000 Hz. Bluetooth is 4.1, and support for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs is listed. However, during our testing, we found that the headset only works with the SBC codec – a number of devices were used to confirm this, including various Android smartphones and the MacBook Air.

The Jays x-Five Wireless’s claimed battery life is 20 hours, and we were able to come close to this figure during our testing. While this isn’t the best battery life we’ve seen on full-size headphones, it’s great for a headset that costs less than Rs. 4,000

Jas XFive Wireless Review MicroUSB Jas X Five Wireless

Charging is via micro-USB port

Jais X-Five Wireless Performance

We might not have been completely impressed with the Jays x-Five Wireless’s specifications and design, but it made up for it with decent sound quality. Despite the limitations of the SBC Bluetooth codec and less-than-ideal sound isolation, the drivers in this headset are particularly well-tuned, and produce sound that far exceeds the quality we’d normally expect for Rs. look forward to hearing. 3,499.

We tested the headphones with a variety of Source devices, including a OnePlus 7T Pro (Review), an Apple iPad mini (2019), and a MacBook Air. While we listened to music extensively using streaming services, we also tried out some high-resolution audio tracks and videos, and used the Jays x-Five Wireless as a hands-free headset for calls.

Kicking things off with Calabria by Rune, the Jas X-Five Wireless didn’t produce the kind of sound we were hoping for; There’s definitely bass to hear, but it’s not the punchy, aggressive type that pushes itself above the rest of the sound. Instead, you get balanced sound output that pays due attention to the entire frequency range. While this track is a fast-paced dance number, we had a lot of fun hearing some sparkle at the top along with detail in the mid-range.

This balanced sonic signature also meant that a fair amount of detail could be heard, especially in the mid-range and highs. It was better audible in the track with vocals, which included a peppy palust remix of Party Monster by The Weeknd. We occasionally heard some sharpness in the heights, but it also made for excellent detail and a strong sense of direction and spaciousness in the soundstage. Vocals stayed strong with lows and highs, creating an immersive, loud and catchy sound.

Picking out some of our more great tracks, we played Pino D’Angio’s Italian pop classic OK OK, and we were quite impressed with how much more tracks we could hear—especially D’Angio’s raspy vocals. The bass had plenty of responsiveness to listen in, but unlike most headphones at this price, it didn’t audibly dominate the rest of the range.

Lastly, we used the Jays x-Five Wireless Headphones for voice calls. The experience was not terrible, but largely depended on the ambient conditions. Voice quality can be good on both ends of the call in a quiet environment, but in less-than-ideal conditions (which is what we have to deal with most of the time), the sound was a bit fuzzy and the microphone picked up a lot of background noise as well. While the functionality works, this pair of headphones is for music.

jays xfive wireless review earcup jays x-five wireless

Noise isolation is less than ideal on the X-Five Wireless Headphones


Brands like Boat and Ant Audio offer affordable wireless on-ear headphones for less than Rs. 1,500 today, but you’d definitely be better off spending a little more. If you are looking for detailed, vibrant and clean sound, there is nothing better than the Jas X-Five Wireless which you can buy for less than Rs. 4,000 in India right now.

The design and specifications aren’t ideal for the price either, but the Jays x-Five Wireless makes up for these shortcomings with its excellent sound quality and good battery life. This is a unique offering in a segment that sees little use, and gives buyers the option of an established, reputed brand without breaking the bank. The X-Five Wireless are definitely our favorite pair of budget on-ear headphones right now.

worth: Rupee. 3,499


  • wide sound
  • balanced sound signature
  • good battery life
  • great value for money


  • SBC bluetooth codec only
  • Some problems with build quality
  • Average voice call quality

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design / Comfort: 3
  • Audio Quality: 3.5
  • Battery life: 4
  • Value for money: 4.5
  • Overall: 3.5

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