August 18, 2022
Playgo BH70 Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones Review

Although wireless headphones and earphones are available for less than Rs. 2,000 Now, premium features like active noise cancellation and support for improved Bluetooth codecs still demand a significant investment. The top-tier headphones from Bose, Sony and Sennheiser with active noise-canceling still cost over Rs. 20,000, and there aren’t many more affordable options; Sony and Sennheiser are some of the notable brands offering Rs. Offering noise canceling headphones for less than Rs. 15,000.

The space for competition is thus open, and affordable audio and accessories brand Play has stepped in to try and fill this gap. The company’s latest headset is the Playgo BH70, which is priced at Rs. 14,999. This new pair of headphones offers active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5 with improved codec support, and more. We review the new headphones to find out if they’re good enough to take on current favorites from Bose and Sony.

Playgo BH70 Review Top Playgo BH70

The headphones are comfortable to wear due to the soft padding and over-ear design

Playgo BH70 Design and Specifications

Most of the premium category headphones look and feel great, but here the Playgo BH70 is a bit different. We don’t want to say it looks bad, but we certainly don’t feel like it looks great either. It is made entirely of plastic, with a combination of glossy and dull finishes. It looks like a toy, and has an aesthetic that’s more suited to budget headphones. The Playgo BH70 is available in two colours, Gray and Brown.

There are five buttons – two on the left and three on the right – which are awkward and feel strangely sticky when pressed. The buttons generally worked, but did not provide adequate physical feedback and did not respond immediately, leading to errors. The left side are for power and active noise cancellation, while the playback and volume controls are on the right. Pressing down on the left ear cup with your palm temporarily activates transparency mode (until your palm is up), while double-pressing the play/pause button activates the voice assistant on the paired smartphone. is invited.

The ANC button on the left allows you to cycle through three modes: active noise cancellation, active noise cancellation, and transparency. The controls were fairly easy to use once we got used to the awkward feel of the buttons. The headphones automatically pause or play music when you take them off or on, and that worked well for us. This can be turned off using the app if you wish (more on that later). There are two microphones—one on each ear cup—that serve to both detect calls as well as active noise cancellation.

Although we had problems with its look and buttons, the Playgo BH70 headset is very comfortable to wear and use. The over-ear fit was comfortable, with comfortable padding and a nice noise-isolating seal. They weren’t too heavy for us, and using the headphones with the glasses on wasn’t a problem. The sale package includes a large hard carry case with a USB Type-C cable for charging the headphones.

Playgo BH70 Review Case Playgo BH70

The case is large and has pockets for the charging cable and other accessories

The Playgo BH70 headphones are IPX4 rated for water resistance, and use Bluetooth 5 for connectivity. The use of a Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chip means the headphones support the aptX low-latency codec. The headset uses 40mm dynamic drivers and has a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz.

Like other big over-ear headphones, the Playgo BH70 has decent battery life. We were able to use the headphones for about 20 hours on a single charge, with active noise cancellation most of the time and the volume level at around 70 percent. There’s no fast charging on this headset, and it will take about four hours to fully charge a fully depleted battery.

The Play BH70 headset has a companion app that helps control some of the features. App is available for Android And iOS – Lets you keep the firmware up to date, adjust the noise cancellation level to allow some transparency, adjust the equalizer, and more.

The app is relatively simple, but it allowed us to set and toggle a few features, including auto pause and play gestures, and Flight Mode (which keeps noise cancellation active while preventing the headphones from powering down). inactivity).

Playgo BH70 Performance

Although everything up to this part of the review suggests that the Playgo BH70 isn’t very impressive, it makes up for a lot of its shortcomings with sound quality. We enjoyed listening to music on headphones, and the support for the Qualcomm aptX codec helped get the best out of all types of music.

We used our OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) and Apple MacBook Air to test the headphones; Android smartphones used aptX, while laptops used Apple’s preferred AAC Bluetooth codec. Audio tracks were played on both devices using Spotify, YouTube Music, and our collection of high-resolution files.

Playgo BH70 Review Button 2 Playgo BH70

Button felt sticky and didn’t give good feedback

The sound was better on an Android smartphone for a few reasons; The aptX codec certainly made a difference in terms of responsiveness and detail, but we also found the sound a bit soft on the MacBook Air. Listening to Benny’s Sulonly, we can clearly tell the difference the better codecs made in the listening experience.

The opening beat of this catchy track had a distinct sense of detail and direction, with the interplay between the left and right channels significantly enhancing the sound quality. The headphones provided a wide, spacious soundstage that went far beyond basic stereo separation, creating an immersive and immersive listening experience.

Switching to Indian electro-pop, we listened to Lifafa Ke Deen Raat Ki. The Playgo BH70 made for an excellent listening session with this retro-Bollywood-inspired track, which incorporates 1970s-style vocals along with the essence of modern electronic elements. Bass was deep and calculated, while the mid-range and highs were crisp and clear. The sonic signature is one that favors the most popular styles, with a clear focus on low and high, but the mid-range was never dominant.

Active noise cancellation isn’t ineffective on the Playgo BH70, but neither is it anywhere near the level of quality we experienced on top-end options. Drowning and other sounds are definitely reduced; The headphones managed to cut out a significant portion of the noise made by particularly loud window air conditioners. That said, the Playgo BH70 goes a long way in giving you the harsh silence you’ll find on the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700.

The headphones did quite decently for calls, and the transparency mode was effective enough for times when we needed to hear our surroundings quickly. The sound felt ‘piped’ and unnatural in transparency mode, but it was never loud enough to be uncomfortable.

Playgo BH70 Review Button Playgo BH70

Active noise cancellation is effective on the Playgo BH70, but nowhere near class-leading


The idea of ​​affordable noise-canceling headphones isn’t new; Options like the Sennheiser HD450BT and Sony WH-CH700N offer ample performance for less than Rs. 15,000. The Playgo BH70 takes a different approach to the segment, trying to be like a premium active noise-canceling headset at an entry-level price.

Although the design and noise cancellation quality aren’t exactly premium-grade, the Playgo BH70 compensates for that with sound quality. The headphones sound good across the frequency range with the most popular genres, and make for a wide and enjoyable listening experience. Battery life is also good.

That said, we think the price is a bit high considering our overall experience with the Playgo BH70. While there’s not much to complain about, competing options like the Sony WH-XB900N can deliver a better overall experience, especially if you like your bass aggressive.

worth: Rupee. 14,999


  • Comfortable
  • useful app
  • Qualcomm aptX codec support
  • wide, wide sound
  • deep, calculated bass; crisp heights


  • plastic toy design
  • no fast charging
  • Encouraging sound with non-aptX sources

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design / Comfort: 3.5
  • Audio Quality: 4
  • Battery life: 4
  • Value for money: 4
  • Overall: 4
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