August 15, 2022
Westworld Season 3 Review: Will It Ever Be HBO’s Next Game of Thrones?

In its closing moments—minus those two post-credits scenes—like done by Season 3 Episode 8 “Crisis Theory” was zoomed out to showcase the scale of destruction in Los Angeles, with former construction worker Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul) playing a much more central role in the future of the dystopian sci-fi series Was. Especially now that oldest host Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) may be out of the picture, given that she’s completely wiped out, though other versions of her are still around. and that’s it done by Season 3 set out to do from the start, as co-creator Lisa Joy said in a post-episode breakdown: to see how humans can be like AI and whether they can actually change. That’s where Caleb came in.

but that was only one aspect done by Season 3, which — as indicated by its title, “The New World” — came after a nearly two-year hiatus, felt like a quasi-reboot of the HBO series’ original designs, as it would make us human. brought into the world. , The sun-kissed western scenes were gone, the desaturated cityscapes came. With that, Confused went all out with an endless love for mysteries — there was a couple in Season 3 that included those little control unit ornaments Dolores had — and replaced it with a more direct embrace of high-octane thrills. went. But in changing its skin, done by Looks like you’ve lost something. And it never felt like HBO’s next flagship to take on Game of Thrones, even if it did get a Thrones producer for a cameo.

If done by Season 3 looks like anything the next Joey’s husband and fellow co-creator Jonathan Nolan will take on his previous show, the CBS sci-fi crime procedural person of interest, Helping those parallels was the introduction of Rehobeam, the predictive AI that sits in that sprawling area in tech giant Insight’s Los Angeles office, created by season 3’s new data-harvesting affluent villain Angrand Cerak (Vincent Cassel). Is. Rehoboam is named after the Israeli king who succeeded Solomon, the name of an earlier prophetic AI whom Dolores kills with an electromagnetic pulse in season 3 episode 7 “Pass Pawn”. Rehoboam is somewhat like the AI ​​Samaritan of the Person of Interest, who labeled threats to the world order as “deviations” and decides the fate of citizens globally.

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Vincent Cassel Serac Westworld Season 3 Episode 8

Vincent Cassel as Serac done by season 3 episode 8
photo credit: John P. Johnson / HBO

But this caused the two aspects to feel disjointed. done by Season 3. Let’s deal with Rehoboam first. After Dolores decides to tell everyone what Rehoboam thinks of her, the world is plunged into chaos as riots break out globally. But it doesn’t feel right. Sure, some people might actually react like this. But most people will hum an algorithm that tells them what their life will look like, and then begin to take steps they think will affect their Rehoboam-determined “destiny.” The fact that some rioters are paid, as Caleb learns from Dolores done by Season 3 Episode 8, makes a little more sense, but the scale of the violence is out of place. Rather than approach the issue of confidentiality thoughtfully, done by Season 3 used this to serve its “revolution is coming” plot.

The second and more compelling thread is about the host in-fighting. Serac needed a weapon in his fight against Dolores—the variable that was messing up all his plans for humanity—and chose the equivalent of his host, Maeve Millay (Thandy Newton). Maeve is initially pressured into this as her life is held hostage by Serac, who later offers to reunite her with her daughter if Mew manages to extract the key to the virtual world Sublime, which Serac needed it for reasons unknown – he died before we could tell. But the ideological differences in Dolores versus Maeve were never seriously felt. Maeve sees Dolores bringing copies of herself as a betrayer of her own kind, giving her a little more ammunition, though she must realize that the humans (as is the Serac) will never really be able to free the hosts. Will give The two should have met secretly, but done by Couldn’t – or didn’t want to – figure out how to do it.

It didn’t help that Meave was going around in circles for almost everyone done by Season 3. She was the only one who began the season in the Nazi-inspired Warworld theme park simulation, before meeting and meeting Serak. Forced on a new path, Mew encounters a Dolores clone in the body of Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada), only to die and end up in Warworld again. For what reason? Recruiting help for her impending battle with the real Dolores. But she’s still a step behind Dolores, as she loses her love for Hector Eskton (Rodrigo Santoro) to a Dolores clone in the replica body hosted by Westworld chief Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). Maeve was caught in a loop by design, almost as if she was waiting for Dolores to finish her story to get her start.

Thandie Newton Maeve Westworld Season 3 Episode 8

Thandie Newton as Maeve done by season 3 episode 8
photo credit: John P. Johnson / HBO

In contrast, Dolores-Charlotte fared much better than Maeve. done by Season 3. Sent by Dolores to take Westworld and other parks creator Delos private, Dolores-Charlotte had to deal with three different fronts. The most personal one was Charlotte’s body fighting Dolores’ control unit, transforming her in the process. This was helped by the fact that she was the only primary character with the family: a husband and a son. Although not hers, Dolores-Charlotte came to connect and feel with them as the weather went on. Losing them changed him in a big way. And finally, on the Delos front, it had to contend with new buyer Serac, for whom the original Charlotte was working. By the end, in the post-credits scene, she has emerged as the new villain.

With the number of host-building machines at her disposal in Delos’ Dubai office, and the social collapse already, it’s clear that done by Season 4 is pointing to a major conflict. Hopefully the action will be better than season 3 as well. You’d think the hosts would develop a different fighting style than humans, which bends some of the rules we can’t.

And it’s clear that Caleb and Maeve will be on opposing sides, trying to fulfill Dolores’ mission of creating a new world alike for humans and hosts. Though Maeve doesn’t need a reason to stop Dolores-Charlotte, who gave her enough reason before. done by Season 3 when he destroyed Hector’s control unit, killing him for good.

At the same time, the second post-credits scene with Westworld’s former programming chief Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) raises questions, as it is clear that too much time has passed. the legacy done by Timeline split again in Season 4? Or is that scene closer to the timeline of the Season 2 post-credits scene with William (Ed Harris)? Speaking of William, he hasn’t achieved anything this season, if you think about it. After spending most of the season in his head, he vows to eradicate the hosts. done by Season 3 Episode 8 only to die in the post-credits scene. enjoyable. Part of Dolores-Charlotte’s plans was at least poetry in being killed by a host replica of herself.

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Jeffrey Wright Bernard Westworld Season 3 Episode 8

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in done by season 3 episode 8
photo credit: HBO

Like it or not, this is a new world, as Maeve tells Caleb in the closing moments. new world aka done by Season 3. It wasn’t great. It felt like a lead of sorts in terms of quality, with the filler-plagued episodes only getting them to work. That doesn’t bode well for a show that’s meant to be HBO’s next major series replacement for Game of Thrones. and much more for the season done by Who gave two hours less than before. Style over content, and there have been recurring problems for setup without proper payment done by, Putting on a new skin in Season 3 wasn’t going to cover that up. But it can be what he wants, as Mew said. it is done byof choice. Perhaps it can find inspiration in some of Dolores’ final words: “Free will exists. It’s just f—ing hard.”

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