August 10, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Dual-Driver Earphones Review

Bluetooth and true wireless earphones could be the future of audio, and Xiaomi recently capitalized on the trend by launching the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 in India. That said, the full entry-level segment is still alive and strong, and relies entirely on wires and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Xiaomi hasn’t forgotten about this segment at all; The company launched its Mi dual-driver earphones earlier this year.

Priced at Rs 799, the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones are a simple wired headset with 3.5mm plug; No fancy electronics or batteries here, just good old fashioned analog sound. As the name suggests, the key feature of this headset is the dual dynamic driver setup in each earpiece, which promises to kick off the sound a bit more than buyers in this price segment. Do these earphones live up to our expectations? Find out in our review.

Our review unit was in black, but we think the blue version looks a bit better; It is more attractive, while black is discreet and a little harder to notice. Considering how good these earphones sound, we think it is better to choose the one that stands out the most.

Mi Dual-Driver Earphones: Nice look, great build quality

We generally don’t have many good things to say about the design and build quality of affordable wired earphones, but the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones are impressive to say the least. The earpiece casings are anodized aluminum, with the clear plastic ends covering the carbon fiber-like design. An interesting touch here is that the plastic on the left earbud is convex, while the one on the right earbud is concave. This allows you to identify which is which by touch alone. Inside the earpieces are magnets that hold them together when the headset isn’t in use, and this design lets the two fit snugly together.

Xiaomi mi dual driver earphone review bunch Xiaomi

Mi dual-driver earphones come with an old-fashioned 3.5mm plug

The cable on the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones is rubber up to the Y-splitter, and from there to the 3.5mm plug in braided fabric. This makes it quite resistant to accidental damage from snags, and quite tangle-resistant as well. We really liked the way the earphones felt in our ears. We found a comfortable and noise-isolating fit with the largest of the three included pairs of silicone ear tips. There’s a three-button inline remote and microphone, which serves to control playback and adjust volume on compatible devices.

While we’ve heard about a lot of multi-driver setups in the more expensive pair of earphones, a dual-driver setup on a headset that costs Rs. 1,000 definitely grabbed our attention. Each earphone has two dynamic drivers – a larger 10mm unit and a smaller 8mm one. Xiaomi hasn’t detailed how the drivers divide the sound frequencies between them, but it is likely that one of them focuses on the lows while the other takes care of the mid-range and highs. Interestingly, you get an extended frequency response range of 20-40,000Hz with the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones, which is not common in affordable earphones.

Xiaomi mi dual driver earphone review texture Xiaomi

The back of the earbuds has a unique carbon fiber-like design

Mi Dual-Driver Earphones: Punchy Bass

Bass is an obsession for the typical Indian earphone user, and the Mi dual-driver earphones provide generous support for it. Using a dual-driver setup helps with this, and we found the low-end to be very distinct and focused. As is usually the case with multi-driver headsets, the Mi Earphones also make for good instrument separation. Above all else, this is a very fast pair of earphones; We were comfortable listening with these earphones at around 50 percent level, where we usually have volume between 70 and 80 percent.

Listened in contrast by the Brasstracks, the rumbling electronic bass elements were aggressive and powerful, but the dual-driver separation meant the vocals and smooth saxophone hooks were never overpowering and the strong low-ended. This was also evident with the more engaged Light It Up by Major Lazer, which revealed a fair amount of detail in the faint elements, despite the tremendous lows.

That said, the bass felt a bit too much at times. In a fatal system error by Notaker, the echo was encouraging at first, but the track soon turned into a nodding and slightly distracting rumble that was often unpleasant. It was possible to bring things down to a reasonable level by turning down the volume, but it completely took away the detail and excitement in the sound.

We were quite impressed with the level of noise isolation on offer on the Mi Dual-Driver Earphones which, coupled with the loud volume, made for quite an immersive listening experience with both music and voice. Performance on calls was quite good, and the earphones get through the basics in this department.

Xiaomi mi dual driver earphones reviews eartip Xiaomi

Ear tips provide a decent level of passive noise isolation


Is this the best pair of wired earphones you can buy under Rs. 1,000? We think so. The Xiaomi Mi Dual-Driver Earphones offer a great combination of design, build quality and performance. While the bass can be a bit overpowering at times, the detail and isolation make up for it quite a bit.

Unless you really dislike a lot of bass, this is the ideal pair of starter earphones to buy. This is a technologically advanced, well-built pair of earphones priced at exactly Rs. 799 price tag. If you want something a little more balanced-sounding, the 1More Piston Fit is a capable option.

Price (MRP): Rupee. 799


  • Looks great, great build quality
  • wide sound, good isolation
  • great value


  • Bass can sometimes be excessive

Rating (out of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Display: 3
  • Value for money: 4.5
  • Overall: 4

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