August 15, 2022
Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 ‘2020 Edition’ Review

Xiaomi’s successful entry into the affordable television segment in India has created quite a stir among brands and buyers. This has opened doors for various television manufacturers – domestically and abroad – to launch affordable, large-screen televisions in India; And you may not have even heard of many of these brands before. However, Xiaomi naturally benefits from being a leader in the smartphone market in India with a widely recognized name.

Xiaomi recently launched a new 55-inch model in its popular Mi TV 4X range, joining the existing 43-inch, 50-inch and 65-inch models. 34,999, the Mi TV 4X 55 features a 55-inch 4K HDR LED screen. Is it as impressive a value proposition as its siblings, or should you stick to the 50-inch option and save some money? Find out in our review.

Xiaomi mi TV 4x 55 review logo Xiaomi

Mi TV 4X 55 2020 Edition is priced at 4K HDR TV

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 Design and Specifications

The Mi TV 4X range is affordable, and these TVs come with very few bells and whistles. While the specification sheet of the new Mi TV 4X 55 remains impressive for the price, this television is ordinary in terms of design and styling. Like the Mi TV 4X 50, the 55-inch variant completely sticks to the basics in terms of design.

The 55-inch screen means it’s definitely big, and it looks very attractive. The module under the Mi logo looks a little different than the 50-inch model – it’s flatter and less noticeable. You also get a gray frame and border around the screen instead of the black one seen on the Mi TV 4X 50; It looks interesting and gives a unique look to the television as compared to most of the options you would usually get at this price. Oddly, Xiaomi’s product listing on its website as well as third-party ones has described the color as black, just like its siblings.

The TV has the same ports and layout as the Mi TV 4X 50, with three HDMI ports (one with ARC), two USB 2.0 ports, and an antenna socket on the right side. A nook on the back houses the rest of the ports and sockets, facing down. These include AV inputs, an Ethernet port, and S/PDIF. The specification sheet on Xiaomi’s website mentions an earphone output, but it is not actually present on the TV. Xiaomi confirmed to Gadgets 360 that this was an error after we pointed it out, and the listing has now been corrected. You can use the S/PDIF port to connect wired headphones, but you’ll need a DAC or other intermediary device for this. The TV is of course Wi-Fi enabled, which gives you easy access to online content.

Without the base stand, the Mi TV 4X 55 weighs in at 12.7kg, which is light enough for a 55-inch television. The stands are mounted near the edges, so if you want to place the TV on a table-top or TV stand, you’ll need enough space. If you want to wall-mount the TV, the Mi TV 4X 55 uses the standard VESA 300x300mm bracket. When mounted on the wall, the port was difficult to reach, so we recommend that you connect all the equipment and wires before mounting the TV.

The rest of the specifications are pretty basic too; The TV features a 55-inch 4K (3840×2160-pixel) LED screen, with a standard refresh rate of 60Hz and support for 10-bit HDR formats. The television is powered by an Amlogic A53 processor, and has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage for apps. You get 20W of sound output, and various Dolby and DTS sound formats are supported. External audio connectivity works via HDMI-ARC and Bluetooth in addition to S/PDIF.

Xiaomi mi tv 4x 55 review russell peters 4k Xiaomi

Both the Amazon Prime Video and Netflix apps let you download the Mi TV 4X 55. Allows you to stream 4K HDR content

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 Remote and Features

Mi TV 4X 55 is a smart television. It supports HDMI-CEC, and like other Android TV models, has built-in Chromecast functionality for screen casting from compatible devices. Sale package includes television itself, base stand, some manuals and remote.

Like the rest of the Mi TV 4X series, the Mi TV 4X 55 comes with a Mi Bluetooth remote, which allows users to access Google Assistant directly. We’ve already talked about our issues with this remote, including the lack of useful buttons, poor responsiveness, and the fact that the batteries for it aren’t even included in the sales package. You can read about it in more detail here in our review of the Mi TV 4X 50. So it’s a bit disappointing that Xiaomi hasn’t worked on improving the remote with its ‘2020 Edition’ television model.

Xiaomi mi TV 4x 55 review patchwall Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s Launcher PatchWall for your TV, Mi TV 4X 55 . exists but is optional

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 Software and Interfaces

Like the rest of the Mi TV 4X range, the 55-inch variant runs on Android TV 9 Pie with PatchWall UI 2.0 on top as an optional launcher. You also have the option of using the stock Android TV launcher, which has both their pros and cons. Although PatchWall keeps curated content within easy reach, Android TV is cleaner and easier to navigate. Unfortunately though, Xiaomi still doesn’t have a ‘standby’ mode when the TV is not in use; It will take a minute or so each time to turn it on.

We’ve already figured out the key aspects of Android TV and PatchWall 2.0 on the Mi TV 4X range, which you can read about in our review of the 50-inch model. All popular apps and streaming services are supported, and PatchWall, while random, has something for everyone.

In general, the software is familiar and easy to use, but felt a bit sluggish. It doesn’t look great with hardware—we found it to be slow to respond to commands from the remote, and wait and loading times were longer than we’re used to watching on TVs in this price range. The interface doesn’t give users too many options to customize and tweak picture and sound settings. It’s acceptable for the price, but you need a little patience to be able to use the smart interface on the Mi TV 4X 55.

xiaomi mi tv 4x 55 review jack ryan 4k hdr Xiaomi

Although sharp and detailed, the Mi TV 4X 55. But the black levels are not exceptional

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 Performance

While the 50-inch model we reviewed earlier strikes a balance between being too big and too small, the Mi TV 4X 55 is undoubtedly a big-screen television. If you have a large enough room, you’ll appreciate the size and be able to make the most of the sharpness and colors of good 4K HDR content.

We used the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K as well as the television’s smart interface to play our test files as well as stream online content. This allowed us to test TVs with a variety of sources, resolutions, and genres. Throughout our review, we found that the 55-inch TV’s performance is largely on par with the 50-inch version; The increase in size made only small differences in the overall experience.

Like the 50-inch version, performance was at its best when watching 4K HDR content. Jack Ryan’s second season looked a bit dull at first, but raising the backlight brightness level helped bring more of the visuals to this action-packed, fast-paced show. That said, the picture overall remained a bit dull, with the television favoring color accuracy over brightness. The larger screen changed the overall viewing experience, leading to a more immersive and immersive picture.

Playing on regular 4K (non-HDR) content, this television retained video sharpness, but suffered a bit in terms of color accuracy and motion management. This was something we noticed even with low-resolution video, where the extra five inches of screen size had a slightly detrimental effect compared to the 50-inch version. Although full-HD and 720p content remained viewable, there were some problems such as color accuracy of skin tones, black levels, and occasional artifacts with accelerated motion.

The sound quality on the Mi TV 4X 55 is similar to the 50-inch option, with the same 20W sound output. While that would have been enough for a small television, we felt it didn’t quite match the visual experience. The sound is fine-tuned, but often feels a little too monotonous and flat; We would recommend using a good soundbar or speaker system with the Mi TV 4X 55 to get the most out of it.

Xiaomi mi tv 4x 55 review desert 4k hdr Xiaomi

While you do get support for HDR, there’s no Dolby Vision on this TV


The Mi TV 4X range starts at Rs. 24,999 for the 43-inch variant, and the idea of ​​getting a 4K HDR TV for such a low price is very tempting. The 55-inch variant costs a full Rs. 10,000 more expensive (Rs.5,000 more than the 50-inch version we reviewed recently), and it’s only worth spending that much more if you must have a 55-inch screen.

As far as the 55-inch 4K HDR television is concerned, it is the best you can buy in the affordable segment right now. While it does have its drawbacks, the TV offers a completely acceptable experience for the price, and is a good way to get on the streaming video bandwagon without breaking the bank.

worth: Rupee. 34,999

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