August 15, 2022
Elon Musk will meet with EU industry chief Thierry Breton today to discuss free speech, global supply chain issues

EU industry chief Thierry Breton will meet with Tesla boss Elon Musk in Texas on Monday to discuss global supply chain issues and the bloc’s newly agreed rules, a Breton spokesman said.

The meeting comes weeks after the world’s richest man struck a deal to buy social media company Twitter for $44 billion (about Rs 3,40,400 crore) in cash.

The two will meet at 1900 GMT (12:30am IST on Tuesday) in Austin, where the new headquarters of Musk’s electric car maker Tesla is located.

“Tech and supply chain will be high on the agenda with Elon Musk at Tesla,” Breton spokesman Terence Zakka said in an email.

“Free speech will also be on the menu between Thierry Breton and Elon Musk. There will also be EU regulation. Expect exchanges on the Digital Services Act and how the ‘new’ Twitter will be run by European regulations,” he said.

Musk secured a deal to buy Twitter last month with a pledge to revive the company and expand the number of users by cracking down on spam bots and reducing the amount of moderation to facilitate more “free speech.”

The billionaire’s comments prompted a counterattack from Breton that Twitter must comply with new EU rules known as the Digital Services Act to combat illegal online content.

In his latest announcement about Twitter, the Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder said he will significantly increase the work ethic standards at Twitter once he officially acquires the social media platform.

“Expectations for work ethic will be extreme, but I myself fall short of what I’m demanding,” Musk said on Twitter on Friday.

The company will be “super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, information security and server hardware,” he said.

Musk has previously said he wants to revolutionize Twitter’s role in public debate because “free speech is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters important to the future of humanity are debated.”

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