September 25, 2022
Instagram to start testing Twitter-like repost feature soon: Report

A report quoting a spokesperson for the social media platform said that Instagram will soon start testing a repost feature, which is similar to the feature available on Twitter. The testing will apparently be done with select Instagram users. The feature was first mentioned last week when a social media consultant spotted it on the profile of Instagram head Adam Mosseri and shared a screenshot. The development comes as Twitter is also working on adding support for sharing tweets on Instagram Stories.

techcrunch reports A spokesperson for the photo and video sharing platform, owned by Meta, has confirmed that it will soon begin testing the repost feature with a small number of people. “We’re exploring the ability to re-share the post in [Instagram] feed — similar to what you can re-share in stories — so that people can resonate with them, and so the original creators are given credit for their work,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Social media consultant and industry analyst Matt Navras first seen feature and posted a screenshot showing the Repost tab on Instagram head Adam Mosseri’s profile. It suggested that the Reports tab would appear on users’ profiles along with the Posts, Reels and Tagged Photos tabs. Navara after two days deployment of Another image, which briefly explains how the feature is expected to work. The Reposts tab on Instagram is likely to show all the reposts that users have re-shared on their accounts.

Currently, you can post on your stories in a reel or Instagram and share it as a DM with your friends as well as in groups. There’s no special way to re-share posts in your feed as you can on Twitter, which recently added its own version of the cross-platform reposting/sharing feature on Android.

As per the new Twitter feature, Android users will be able to share Tweets directly to Instagram Stories and Snapchat instantly. Earlier, they had to take a screenshot to post it on Instagram Stories, creating clutter in the Photos/Gallery app in the smartphone during the process. The microblogging platform also announced support for direct tweet sharing on LinkedIn for both Android and iOS.

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