August 12, 2022
Instagram will soon test longer photos for compatibility with fullscreen reels

Photo and video sharing platform Instagram may have put its controversial redesign on hold, but that doesn’t mean the company plans to stop focusing on full-screen content. During the weekly Ask Me Anything, CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Instagram will begin testing ultra-tall 9:16 photos “in a week or two.” Mosseri said, “You can have long videos, but you can’t have long photos on Instagram. So, we thought maybe we should make sure we treat both equally.”

Currently, Instagram tops out at around 4:5 when displaying images vertically, which have been cropped accordingly. But introducing support for slimmer, 9:16 tall photos will help them fill the entire screen as you scroll through the app’s feed. CEO Adam Moserik Confirmed That Instagram will be testing this feature during the weekly Ask Me Anything.

Recently, Instagram pulled off its TikTok-like redesign. Several photographers criticized Instagram’s TikTok-like redesign for the way it awkwardly forces all photos to be displayed in the 9:16 frame. The new feed also added overlay gradients at the bottom of posts to make the text easier to read. But this clashed with the basic nature of the photographers’ work.

During Instagram’s shaky redesign testing with users, Mosseri admitted more than once that the full-screen experience was less than ideal for photos. Now Instagram still intends to showcase that ultra-long photo experience, but without making it mandatory across the board.

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