September 25, 2022
Instagram working on feature to let users reply to Stories with voice messages, images

According to details shared by a feature tracker, Instagram is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to reply to stories with voice messages and images. The image and video sharing social platform recently added support for liking stories, which will send users a notification instead of a new message in their inbox. While the company hasn’t yet provided any details about the feature that is currently in development, it recently introduced a new product tagging feature for users in the US, the first for business and creator accounts on the platform. was specific.

The meta-owned social network is working on a new feature that could allow users to reply to stories with their voice or An image, as observed over the weekend by Alessandro Paluzzi, a popular app developer. A screenshot of the interface for replying to an Instagram story showed a microphone icon and image icon, possibly discovered by reverse engineering the app. The screenshot does not reveal whether the feature was seen on the iOS or Android version of the app.

Responding using voice messages can be useful for users who want to quickly reply to a message without having to type it in. This can shorten the process of tapping on a user’s profile at the top of their story, then tapping on message button on their profile to send a voice message or image after viewing the story.

Users can currently reply to stories with one of eight ‘quick reaction’ emoji, text message or GIF replies. paluzzi revealed Instagram was also working on the ability to like stories on the website on March 25, after recently releasing the feature on iOS and Android. However, it’s worth noting that not all of the features in development, such as the ability to reply to stories with voice messages and images, will eventually be released. Instagram has yet to reveal any details of the feature it sees in development for the mobile version of the app.

Meanwhile, Instagram recently rolled out its product-tagging feature to all users in the US, allowing users to tag products in their posts on the service. The app previously limited this feature to users with manufacturer or business accounts. Instagram is expected to roll out this feature to users in other regions in the next few months. Earlier this month, Instagram also rolled out auto-generated captions for videos shared by users, a feature also found on rival video sharing service TikTok.

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