September 25, 2022
Meta Ordered to Pay Voxer 4.5 Million Over Live Streaming Patent Infringement: All Details

A US jury on Wednesday ordered Meta to pay $174.5 million (about Rs 1405 crore) for infringing a live-streaming patent developed by a US military veteran seeking to fix deficiencies in battlefield communications .

Legal documents show that a trial in Texas federal court ended with jurors ruling that “live” features on Facebook and Instagram used technology patented by Voxer, a company co-founded by Tom Katiss.

“We believe the test evidence has shown that META has not infringed Voxer’s patents,” a company spokesperson said in response to the AFP investigation.

“We intend to seek further relief, including filing an appeal.”

Court filings state that Katiss re-enlisted in the military after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States and served as a Special Forces communications sergeant in Afghanistan.

The complaint stated that when his combat unit was attacked in Kunar province, he realized that systems for coordinating reinforcements, medical evacuations and more “make for time-sensitive communication with multiple groups in a highly disruptive environment.” were unsuitable,” the complaint said.

“Mr. Katis and his team began developing communications solutions in 2006 to address these shortcomings,” his lawyers said.

“New technologies enabled the urgency of live communication and the transmission of voice and video communications with the reliability and convenience of messaging.”

Facebook approached San Francisco-based Voxer about a possible collaboration after launching the walkie talkie app in 2011, but no agreement was reached, according to legal documents.

Instead, the lawsuit argued, Facebook launched Facebook Live and Instagram Live, incorporating Voxer technology into features.

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