October 4, 2022
Meta solicits secret information from rivals, more than 100 firms summoned in FTC lawsuit

According to a report, Meta has sought secret details from several social media firms, including some rivals such as Snap, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Clubhouse. The firm is facing a 2020 US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit alleging it has monopolized the social media market. The firms have accused Meta of relying on the lawsuit to obtain secret information about their services. The company may reportedly contact a total of more than 200 firms to provide information for litigation in the FTC’s lawsuit, which is expected to go to trial in 2024.

according to bloomberg report goodFacebook parent Meta has summoned 132 companies for secret documents, due to its 2020 US FTC lawsuit alleging that its acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram allowed it to monopolize the social media market. Meta has reportedly said that it may contact 100 other firms for information.

According to the report, an attempt to weed out information from companies like Clubhouse, a social audio app, and Instagram rival TikTok, Meta appears to be one of the ways to portray the entry of new players into the US market.

TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent months, and competes with Instagram and other short video services in the US. Meanwhile, several other companies have added Clubhouse’s social audio features to their services, such as Twitter’s Spaces feature.

Citing court filings, the report said that Meta is looking for documents relating to sensitive details of how the firm’s competition acquires users, scales their products, and monetizes various features.

According to the report, a federal judge in California was expected to decide how much information it needed to provide to Meta’s rival Snap in the case, saying the company had resisted a request to hand over the data that had been submitted to the company. Goes back to the formation of the company. ,

According to the report, several other companies have also been asked to turn over the secret information, including social media, communication service providers and software firms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap, TikTok, Match, Twitter, Reddit and Oracle. The list reportedly includes foreign companies such as Line, Naver and Rakuten.

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