October 4, 2022
SEBI invites bids for web intelligence tool to analyze unstructured, publicly available data on social media

SEBI, or the Securities and Exchange Board of India, is looking to increase surveillance of social media platforms through a web intelligence tool, to check violations of various securities laws. The capital markets regulator is working towards a web intelligence tool that will be an artificial intelligence-based tool to extract and analyze unstructured publicly available data to gain in-depth intelligence about various entities, individuals, groups and subjects. based solution. It has also issued a public notice inviting bids from solution providers to implement the tool. According to the regulator, the web intelligence tool is expected to save time and improve efficiency in the overall investigation process.

Securities and Commodity Markets Regulator invited Expression of Interest (EoI) from bidders to implement, install and maintain a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) web intelligence tool to monitor violations of securities laws by individuals, groups and other entities. As mentioned, using artificial intelligence and data analytics to monitor social media and other platforms requires web intelligence tools.

The increase in Internet usage has resulted in the generation of massive amounts of unstructured publicly available data on the web, SEBI said, adding that this unstructured data has the potential to provide in-depth investigative insights about various entities, individuals, groups and subjects related to the breach. ability. Various securities laws.

Manual extraction and analysis of unstructured publicly available data can be time-consuming, and the new web intelligence tool is expected to save time and improve efficiency in the overall investigation process, said a public notice issued by the market regulator. The tool must be able to collect unstructured publicly available data from the web, including public websites, social media platforms, and open-source databases. The SEBI document states that it should enable investigators to analyze data using its AI and data analytics capabilities.

Having the ability to visualize data in the form of network charts is needed to gain insights about the connections between relevant entities, individuals and groups. In addition, the tool should generate ready-made reports based on defined report templates, and users should be able to create and modify report templates without requiring any code. As per the regulator, the last date for submission of EOI is October 3.

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