December 1, 2022
Signal users can now change registered phone numbers without losing chat history: Here’s how

Signal has introduced a new functionality that lets users change their registered phone number on the app without losing their chat history. When a user changes their phone number on Signal, all of their contacts will receive an in-chat notification mentioning the update. Since all conversations on Signal are encrypted end-to-end, instant messaging links the chat to the user’s phone number, indicating that the conversations are not stored and synchronized to the cloud.

according to a blog postSignal has now added a new feature to its apps on Android and iOS that lets users change their phone number without losing chat, group and Signal profiles. The new feature comes in handy when users are changing their phone numbers but want to retain the handset. To use this feature, users need the latest version – at least Android v5.30.6 or iOS v5.27.1 – of the Signal app.

a support page is mentioned The change-number feature is not supported if users cannot send or receive messages on Signal using an existing registered phone number, have lost or misplaced the device, or have wiped the phone.

How to Change Phone Number on Signal

The support page also describes how to update a phone number registered on Signal.

  1. click on profile (display picture)> Adjustment (iOS only) > account , change phone number , continue,

  2. Enter the old phone number in the first field, the new phone number in the second.

  3. Confirm the new number. If not, click edit number,

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process of the new number.

Signal also mentions that if someone else registers an account with a user’s previous phone number, the old user’s chat history, group and profile will not be carried forward.

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