September 30, 2022
SpaceX challenges US FCC decision to block 5.5 billion rural broadband subsidy

SpaceX – US satellite communications and space launch provider – has reportedly challenged a decision by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block subsidies for the firm that were provisionally awarded in 2020. Elon Musk’s Starlink, which already has thousands of users. The US was expected to receive $885.5 billion (about Rs 70,52,400 crore) in subsidies under a multi-billion dollar program aimed at reducing internet access in various areas of the US without access to the internet.

On Friday, SpaceX appealed the US FCC’s decision to deny the firm’s satellite internet services arm, Starlink, an $885.5 billion (about Rs 70,52,400 crore) subsidy, according to a Reuters report. report good, The regulator rejected the subsidy in August, saying Starlink’s technology had “real promise” but could not meet the program’s requirements due to a persistent drop in speed and high prices.

Regulatory filings by SpaceX claim that the FCC’s decision to deny subsidies under the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, which was awarded provisionally in 2020, was “flawed” and “extremely unfair,” according to the report.

SpaceX’s senior director of satellite policy, David Goldman, reportedly slammed the regulator in the appeal, saying that the decision “provided in service to a clear bias toward fiber, rather than the merits of actually connecting unserved Americans.” -based judgment instead.”

According to the report, Starlink, which has over 3,000 satellites in orbit, aimed to provide internet access to over 6.42 lakh locations in 35 US states that lack connectivity.

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