August 18, 2022
TRAI orders non-discrimination in MNP offer, asks telcos not to introduce differential tariff

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a new order asking telecom operators to stop offering differential tariffs through Mobile Number Portability (MNP) offers. This is apparently done to “induce churn from the competing networks” and TRAI says it has received complaints from several Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) against each other. The telcos allege that these MNP offers are apparently made by third party channel partners to lure users to switch their mobile networks without the consent and authorization of the TSP.

TRAI’s new order has come published on the website and it essentially says that telecom operators cannot submit any offer which has not been communicated to the regulator. The order looks to increase transparency, prevent unfair practices and maintain non-discrimination in tariff orders. It claims that tariffs reported to TRAI can be offered only through channel partners of telecom operators, distributors, retailers, third party apps and others. All tariff proposals should comply with TRAI norms and it is the responsibility of the TSP to follow these instructions.

As mentioned, TRAI said that it has issued this order after receiving several complaints from various telecom operators regarding these unethical MNP offers to entice customers to switch networks. While TSPs deny these allegations, in some cases, it has been stated by some telcos that their channel partners may have passed certain MNP-specific benefits to subscribers on their own accord, without the consent or authorization of the TSP.

To this end, TRAI argues that channel partners, distributors, retailers and third-party apps are unlicensed entities appointed by telcos for the purpose of offering telecom services, and it is the responsibility of the telecom operator to comply with the directions of TRAI. made of. – regarding non-discrimination of tariffs – and communicate it well to your partners.

“The offer of differential tariff to a customer porting from the network of other service provider is not a valid and proper classification as the motive behind such classification is clearly to siphon off the competing network and which is discriminatory and violates the provisions of section 10. violates. TTO, 1999,” TRAI said in its order.

Vodafone Idea along with Jio and Airtel have lost a lot of customers in recent months, leading to a significant increase in subscriber base.

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