October 4, 2022
Twitter is rolling out an update to make it harder for users to switch to a reserve-chronological feed

Twitter has essentially started rolling out an update to make it harder to switch to a reverse-chronological feed and push users more prominently toward an algorithmically-served timeline. The change, which is initially live for iOS users and will soon be available for Android as well as web versions of the microblogging network, brings separate ‘Home’ and ‘Latest’ timelines. While the Home timeline will stack tweets based on an algorithm, the latest feed has tweets arranged in reverse-chronological order on your timeline.

as a result of UpdateUsers are starting to look different on iOS House And Latest Tweets Once they’ve taped the three-star icon from the top-right corner, they tab to their Twitter app. It allows users to switch from an algorithm-served Twitter feed to a reverse-chronological timeline with a swipe gesture.

However, one inherent change that the latest update brings is the default availability of the Home tab to always show the algorithmic feed after opening the Twitter app. This can be annoying for many users who don’t want an algorithmically-served timeline.

Until now, users were given the option to view either an algorithmic timeline or a reverse-chronological feed by tapping on the three-star icon. The preference will be there by default and will not go away even if the app is accessed after some time. Thus, the update aims to force people to use the algorithmic timeline over the standard reverse-order feed.

Twitter initially began rolling out its algorithm-powered timeline in 2016. It deployed a deep learning system to serve tweets by relevance over their chronology. However, the move suffered some criticism In the beginning.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also responded to the criticism by emphasizing the real-time experience that the platform provides to its users. “Twitter is real-time. Twitter is about who and what you follow. And Twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y,” she had Told those days.

Twitter is making the algorithm the default for all of its users, giving users the option to choose between a traditional reverse-chronological feed or an algorithmically-served timeline, which it introduced in December 2018.

Unlike Twitter, Instagram is bringing a chronological feed option this year. However, Instagram’s update is the result of intense scrutiny and pressure created by the US Congress.

The latest update was rolled out by Twitter as a preliminary test With select users on iOS in October.

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