October 4, 2022
Twitter users on iOS can now record GIFs of themselves using the in-app camera

Twitter has introduced a feature that allows users to create GIFs from the in-app camera on iOS. The new feature could be a useful way to share short clips across the platform. The option to create GIFs from the in-app camera is being rolled out in a phased manner. It is not yet clear when this feature will come to Android or not. The new feature comes after Twitter last week withdrew its decision to use the twin-tab layout on the microblogging platform.

The option to create GIFs using the in-app camera removes the need to upload the full video as it lets users share short clips on their timelines. To create a GIF on the Twitter iOS app, press the New Tweet button, tap the photo icon, then the camera icon, be sure to select GIF Mode, and then press and hold the Record button.

According to The Verge, still doesn’t see a way to easily share GIFs from the platform. If you right-click on a GIF, Twitter shows the option to copy only the GIF address. Thus there is no option to save GIF in your computer or phone.

This feature is rolling out slowly for iOS users right now. It is unclear if and when this feature might roll out to Android.

Last week, Twitter rolled back its decision to use the twin-tab layout on the microblogging platform and is back to the original layout which shows the latest tweets on top. The twin-tab layout — which debuted earlier this month — was designed to push users to an algorithmically served timeline rather than a reverse-chronological feed. The decision caused a backlash as several users shared their criticism of the change, even calling it “Twitter’s worst product decision in ages”.

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