October 4, 2022
Twitter whistleblower ready to testify before US Senate committee on alleged security lapse: report

According to a report, former Twitter security chief and popular hacker Peter Jatko will testify before the US Senate committee on Tuesday. Several US agencies are expected to question Zatco by the committee over its claims of security lapses on the part of the popular microblogging service in the whistleblower complaint. The former Twitter executive’s allegations that Twitter misled regulators about compliance with a 2011 US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) agreement will also reportedly be investigated later today.

according to a report good By Reuters, Peter Zatko is set to testify before a US Senate committee on his recent allegations of security lapses on Twitter. The whistleblower’s testimony is due on the same day that shareholders will vote on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s deal to acquire the company for $44 billion (about Rs 3,49,900 crore).

According to the report, the whistleblower will also be questioned over his claim that a Twitter employee may have acted on behalf of a foreign government.

Twitter and Musk are due to face off in court next month, and the Tesla CEO has already cited allegations made by Zatco as a reason for pulling out of the deal. Musk’s lawyers have claimed that Twitter did not ask for his consent when paying $7.75 million (about Rs 60 crore) to the former security chief.

According to a previous report, after the whistleblower’s allegations were made public, Musk was allowed to use his claims in the lawsuit. The hearing will begin on October 17.

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