August 9, 2022
WhatsApp enters collaborative mode testing for multiple smartphones: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a companion mode feature with some of its beta users that allows them to pair a secondary device as a companion to their primary phone with WhatsApp. With this update, users can access the same instant messaging account on different smartphones or tablets. Earlier, WhatsApp launched multi-device support for all users, which let them access their accounts on multiple devices simultaneously to send and receive messages on the app even without active internet access on their phones. However, this feature currently only supports PCs as secondary devices and is not useful for those with additional mobile phones and tablets. This may soon change with the release of Allied Mode.

according to a report good WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a companion mode that allows a secondary device to be linked to another registered WhatsApp account. The feature was first noticed in late April with the v2.22.10.13 beta for Android. But now, we have more details about how the feature will potentially work.

The report includes a screenshot showing a full-screen prompt warning users to register a device as an associate for their main account. When you are connecting the secondary device with another registered WhatsApp account, you will be logged out of the existing WhatsApp account configured on the secondary phone, says the screenshot. Also switching on WhatsApp Companion Mode will erase the locally stored messages and data. According to the report, the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on different phones is being tested on WhatsApp for both iOS as well as Android.

However, the report also mentions that the feature is under development. It may be updated before the final release.

WhatsApp announced multi-device support for all users in early March. This functionality allows users to add their instant messaging account to up to four devices, including a laptop or PC, even without an Internet connection on the primary device. The company has also enabled end-to-end encryption on chats. However, the linked devices will get disconnected if the phone is left idle for more than 14 days.

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