August 15, 2022
Facebook: Facebook made a big announcement, will stop the Live Shopping feature

Facebook: The world’s leading social media platform company Facebook has announced the closure of one of its features in the coming days. The company says that from October 1, 2022, users will not be able to use the Live Shopping feature. She will now focus on short-form video platform Reels on her main app and Instagram.

Announcing this through a blog post, the social media company said that users will no longer be able to create product playlists or tag products in their Facebook Live videos. It is being told that the company took this decision because it now wants to focus more on the reels. While users will be able to use Facebook Live to broadcast live events, they will not be able to product playlists or tag products in the video during this time.

Facebook says that as people are increasingly turning to short-form videos, we’re shifting our focus to Meta’s short-form video product, the reels of Facebook and Instagram. If you want to reach and connect with people through video, try experimenting with reels and reels ad on Facebook and Instagram.

The company further said that those who have a checkout shop and want to host a live shopping event on Instagram can set up Live Shopping on Instagram. If you want to preserve an earlier video, you can download your video to your Page or Creator Studio.

When did this feature come

The Live Shopping feature on Facebook was first launched in Thailand in 2018. After two years i.e. in 2020, it was further expanded. The company has been testing new features since its launch. In November 2021, Facebook tested Live Shopping for Creators. Apart from this, Live Shopping Friday was also launched by the company last year.

Why is Meta focusing on Reel?

The biggest competition of the Reels feature of Facebook and Instagram is from the Chinese social media company Tiktok. In places where Tiktok is banned, people are using the reels properly, but where Tiktok is present, there are very few people on the reels. Let us tell you that the parent company of Facebook and Instagram is Meta.

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