September 30, 2022
Smartphones: Not much, it is only twenty years old smartphone that has changed the world

Apple’s iPhone 14 is the latest addition to smartphones, packed with a slew of features. Smartphones have come a long way and today they have become an integral part of our daily lives.

In fact, mobile phones started out with very little functionality, big and bulky handsets were a luxury that only a few could afford. But today 70 percent of the global population is using some affordable smartphone, which has thousands of times more processing power than the first generation. Today’s smartphones are millions of times faster than the computers that took humans to the moon.

before smartphone

Mobile phones were previously a luxury allowing only one to make calls and send text messages.

1992: The first smartphone (photo: social media )

1992: The first smartphone

IBM was the largest computer company in the 90s and wanted to expand its business in search of new technology that could fit into the company’s portfolio. He thought of making a computer that could fit in people’s pockets. In 1992 IBM unveiled the device that could be called the first smartphone. It was a revolutionary device that was way ahead of its time. It had a touch screen, and various apps such as address book, calendar, appointment scheduler, a calculator, world time clock, electronic notepad, handwritten annotations, etc. This revolutionary device was called the Simons Personal Communicator.

The word smartphone didn’t exist then, but IBM Simmons is the first mobile device that was so advanced that it could be called the first modern era smartphone.

1999: Blackberry era (photo: social media )

1999: Blackberry era

Canada’s Blackberry launched its first hardware device BlackBerry-850 in the year 1999. It used to come under the category of two-way pager. Blackberry was the largest smartphone maker at the time, whose mobile phones provided features that no other manufacturer could provide – email on the go with excellent wireless network connectivity. Blackberry also had an instant messenger called “BBM” long before WhatsApp. Blackberry also had super secure connectivity and messaging protocols, making it a great option for those who were concerned about confidential data being stolen from their devices. These features put the BlackBerry in the hands of almost every business customer around the world. Americans used to use Blackberry phones till the President.

2001: The era of mobile and internet (photo: social media )

2001: The era of mobile and internet

It took almost a decade to access a 3G connection from a smartphone. A mobile protocol was created in 2001 to allow mobile devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly. It allowed various new applications and features but these were not for everyone. The cost of equipment was reduced but the cost of data was high for most. Later, as data prices started coming down, people started using mobile internet.

2007: Apple and Steve Jobs (photo: social media )

2007: Apple and Steve Jobs

In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled one of the most influential smartphones in history. It was a tool that explained what the device of the future should look like. The Apple iPhone 1 was the sleekest touchscreen device ever, with a large glass screen and a single button on the front.

But when Apple revealed the iPhone, other mobile phone makers called it a gimmick and a waste of money. The media called it gambling. When the device arrived in stores five months later, people lined up outside Apple stores to get their hands on the future.

When sales began to decline after most enthusiasts bought the first iPhone, Apple realized that the apps it could do with the phone were limited only by the imagination of the human brain. Apple launched the AppStore in 2008. A year after the iPhone launch, users found a way to install apps and go beyond what Apple provides. This was one of the major reasons behind the massive hit of the iPhone in the times to come.

HTC Dream (photo; social media )

Android entry

Google was about to launch its first Android phone just a few months after the Apple iPhone was announced. But when Apple unveiled the iPhone, Google understood it had to completely rebuild its Android system. The device that was about to hit the market was canceled and Google engineers started anew, rethinking every aspect of their operating system.

The HTC Dream, released in 2008, became the first Android smartphone. Android was criticized at first for its lack of features compared to iOS and Blackberry, but it was set to become one of the most well-known operating systems in the world due to its open nature.

iPhone 14 (photo: social media )

2022: Entire world on just one click

Today after 15 years and 27 iPhones, we can do almost everything on a touchscreen with just a few clicks. Smartphones also gave birth to a new industry of apps that is now bigger than Hollywood. New industries such as ed-tech and video and music streaming are also being created.

Now with the launch of iPhone 14, the smartphone is about to move towards a new future. A lot is going to happen for the customers but there is also the fear that the people already glued like magnets to the smartphone may not get fully robotized.

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