September 30, 2022
Google Search vs TikTok: Increasing use of Tik Tok instead of Google Search, know why the craze increased?

Google Search vs TikTok: TikTok is no longer just a place for viral dances and food hacks. According to a report, youth in America are using Tiktok as their primary search engine instead of Google.

This can be a serious situation as there is no stock of what is correct and what is fake on Tiktok. A new study by NewsGuard, a site that tracks misinformation on the Internet, has found that one in five misinformation comes out on TikTok. The study analyzed the top 20 search results across 27 different news topics ranging from “the 2022 election” to “mRNA vaccine.” NewsGuard’s study found that TikTok also tried to steer users in a particular direction.

For example, if a user searches for “Covid Vaccine”, TikTok will suggest him for “Truth of Kovid Vaccine” or “Covid Vaccine HIV”. The study noted that more than half of the search results that came up about the 2022 midterm elections in the US contained “extremely-partisan left-leaning rhetoric”.

Widespread misinformation on the platform

The widespread misinformation on the platform is especially significant considering the number of home remedy videos circulating on the TikTok platform. A shortage of baby food in America has led to a flood of videos promoting homemade formula, which pediatricians have called dangerous. Not only this, after the decision of the US Supreme Court which declared abortion illegal, herbal remedies for abortion started trending on Tiktok. One such video was viewed more than 1 million times.

Tiktok is also full of old and false videos about Ukraine Russia war. According to the report of the New York Times, the use of TikTok by the youth to get any information or information is a dangerous trend because the platform is full of superfluous and fake information. Unverified content can prove to be harmful to people.

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