December 1, 2022
Jio’s cloud gaming technology: High-end gaming can be done even on entry level 5G mobile

Jio Cloud Gaming Technology: The face of the gaming industry is about to change completely. Now there will be no need for expensive gadgets to play high-graphic or say high-end gaming. With 5G technology, gamers with entry-level 5G mobile phones will now be able to enjoy playing high-end games. High-graphics / high-end games can be played on any mobile, laptop, PC and Jio set top box.

Jio’s cloud gaming technology will boost e-sports

This will be possible through Jio’s cloud gaming technology. Jio’s cloud gaming technology is expected to boost e-sports in the country. Reliance Jio has demonstrated this cloud gaming technology at the ongoing India-Mobile-Congress at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

You will be able to practice international gaming tournaments on mobile only

The biggest good news is for the gaming community of the country. Indian professional gamers will now get high speed and low latency like international players. They will be able to practice international gaming tournaments on their mobile. If the practice is more, then the international rank will also improve and the best thing is that for this they will not need fiber or dedicated lease line.

Another interesting dimension to be added to gaming

The ping rate of 5G or say the latency rate is very less than that of 4G. Therefore, professional gamers can operate multiple screens while giving multiple commands at the same time. With the arrival of 5G, the speed will not only increase but the level of graphics and animations used in the game will also increase manifold. Another interesting dimension to be added to gaming is ‘Game Live Streaming’ and ‘Live Commentary’. Through this technology of Reliance Jio, along with playing the game, now its live telecast can be done on ‘Jio Game Watch’. It will breathe life into Indian e-sports.

With the telecast of the gaming screen on Jio Game Watch, gamers can also try their hand at live commentary. Multiple people will be able to live telecast the same game at the same time on their own channel with their own commentary. Having commentary like cricket will also increase the number of people who want e-sports in India. This technology will attract professional gamers as well as e-sports enthusiasts.

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