October 3, 2022
After iPhone, Samsung Galaxy smartphones will also be launched with satellite connectivity feature, report

Satellite Connectivity In Smartphone : Apple has recently launched its latest iPhone 14 series with ‘Satellite Connectivity’ feature. This feature gives an emergency call that is one of the most important highlights of the iPhone lineup. South Korean tech brand Samsung can now introduce this feature of the American tech giant in the upcoming handsets. The satellite connectivity allows users to make an emergency call even when there is no cellular signal coverage. This feature is also available in the Huawei Mate 50 series.

Samsung’s upcoming phones will be equipped with satellite connectivity feature

After the introduction of satellite feature in Apple iPhone 14, now Samsung is also considering giving this feature in its future smartphones. It was recently reported by a top tipster Ricciolo that satellite connectivity will bring Teacher to its upcoming Galaxy smartphones, although it is not yet confirmed whether this satellite feature will be introduced in the Galaxy S23 series or not. It is worth noting that Apple’s new Emergency SOS via Satellite feature is coming to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in November, but only in the United States and Canada at launch. However, a new report from MacPrime suggests that Apple plans to bring the feature to other countries later this year.

According to a report, instead of going to Apple’s satellite connection provider, Samsung may be turning to Elon Musk for the feature, whose Starlink satellite service is now live in some locations. Starlink was apparently in talks with Apple for an emergency feature, but Apple decided to go ahead with GlobalStar. Reportedly, in its recent SEC filing, Globalstar reported that it will provide “85 percent of its current and future network capacity” to the Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple.

How does satellite connectivity work on the phone?

Satellite connectivity works unlike normal cell phones operating today where the cell phone is connected to a network of ground-based cell towers, the same satellite phone connectivity is directly through satellites. When we make a call from a satellite phone to someone who has a traditional cell phone, the signal is relayed from the satellite phone on the ground to one of the satellites within line of sight. It captures the satellite signal and transmits it to another satellite depending on the destination.

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