September 25, 2022
TRAI preparing to bring facility like Truecaller, KYC based caller ID

TRAI Truecaller Many smartphone users keep the Truecaller app in their phones so that the name of the person can be known when a call comes. Although there are many issues regarding privacy regarding this app, but this app remains very popular.

Now Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is working on a caller ID system like Truecaller. This will show the name of the caller whose Know Your Customer (KYC) has been done on the user’s phone. TRAI has completed its research on the matter, and a consultation paper will be brought out soon.

TRAI has collected data from across the globe and consultation paper on this will be made public soon. A study was being done on this for the past few months and data was collected from all over the world. TRAI employees went to Singapore to understand the implications of the system.

The KYC-based name will be displayed on the user’s phone in the ID system introduced by the government. The regulatory body believes that this system will be completely new, different from Truecaller and more authentic. Truecaller does not show real name but a profile name. This means that this feature shows the profile name which can be your real name or fake name, whatever.

In TRAI’s ID system, it will show your KYC name, which will of course be a real profile. During the study, the TRAI official got many feedbacks, in which many people said that it is not right to show the real name on the screen. At the same time, many people believed that this feature would compromise their privacy.

Comments or counter comments will be received after the consultation paper is prepared. After that the service will be finalized. Whether this service will be free or paid, it is not yet decided.

Presently, Truecaller provides similar services to its consumers and India is one of its largest markets. Since Truecaller collects user information, there are privacy concerns about it.

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