October 4, 2022
TVS N-Torq 125 Fi: TVS  N-torque 125 Fi is equipped with new technology, can connect 60 features with Bluetooth

TVS N-Torq 125 Fi: TVS The company has sported its N-Torque in its racing scooter segment. Which Best in Class Performance Better Real Throttle Fill RTFI. (Race Tune Fuel Injection) technology. Due to which the N-torque reaches 0-60 starting speed in just 9 seconds. The maximum speed of this N-torque sporty scooter is 95 kmph. N-torque 9.4 PS Power of @7500 rpm But gives. Torque 10.5 Nm[email protected] rpm is of Which gives best in class pickup.

Ntorq TVS The company has also launched Race Edition, providing customers with race inspired flag graphics, T-Shape – Daytime Running Line, Interface Mobile App. Customers can stay connected to 60 features through the Smart X Connect Blue-tooth app. In which Navigation Assist, Caller ID. With features like Ultimate Park Location Assist, Share Ride based on Social Media Platform, Remote Illumination Control, etc., we provide TVS. You can connect with the help of Connect app. Due to which the location of the family member is also available and we remain sure about our family member.

TVS N-torque sporty scooter remains the choice of youth today, one of the main reasons for this company being more service centers. N-Torque gives youth a sporty stylish look along with power, state-of-the-art technology, safety, in attractive colours, N-Torque fuel tank capacity is also high. Due to the large diameter of the brakes also in terms of safety, in today’s time TVS. The sporty n-torque scooter continues to be the choice of the youth. In terms of specification, its engine is 125 cc of modern technology. Race tuned fuel injection delivers tremendous real throttle pickup. This 3-Valve CVT I., R. E.V.V. The engine is on tech. The maximum power of N-torque is 6.9 kW and torque is 10.5 Nm. Which gives thrill peak up. Battery 12 Volt 4 Ampere, Headlamp 35/35 Watt L. Ed. Light makes its look attractive. Large wheel base 1285 mm Due to which the stability is also good.

Good Ground Clearance Sporty N-Torque Scooter

The sporty n-torque scooter has a good ground clearance of 155 mm. of has been given. Due to which the N-torque runs smoothly even on rough roads. With the curb weight of 118 kg, you can ride safely on the highway with the N-torque sporty scooter. Coming with suspension telescopic hydraulic dampers at the front and coil spring hydraulic dampers at the rear, the customers are more comfortable while driving. Tires N-torque scooters are being given bigger sizes in the segment, tubeless tire in front is 100/80 -12 inch wheel size, the biggest thing is tubeless tire 110/80 -12 inch big wheel size at the rear too Due to which the customers not only get the comfort and pleasure of driving the scooter, also the N-torque sportyscooter runs stable at high speed. For safety, disc 220 mm at the front wheels. ,s. bt Comes with tech, drum 130 mm at the rear wheel, s. B. Tremendous braking safety with TV technology Key is providing the N-torque sporty scooter to the customers. High-tech clutch has been used in the N-torque sporty scooter, in which automatic centrifugal clutch technology has been used. Which gives very smooth driving feeling. Fuel tank capacity of 5.8 liters has been given to cover long distances. Seven eye-catching colors add a rainbow shade to the allure of the sporty N-Torque.

*There are one yellow and one red color available in the matte series.

*Available in Grey, Red, Blue colors in Metallic Series.

*Race Edition series has Red and Black color options, the other Yellow and Black color options are available. The estimated on road price of Ntorq in Lucknow is around :-

Drum brake on-road price Rs.99, 925*

Disc brake on road price is Rs. 1,05, 654 *

The on road price of Race Edition is Rs. 1,09,583*

Super Squid Edition on-road price Rs.1,12,333*

Res.XP On road price of Rs. 1,14,129*

X. The on road price of T. is Rs. 1,22,996*

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