September 30, 2022
YouTube short video: YouTube opens the way for short video creators to earn money, check rules immediately

YouTube Short Video: YouTube will also start monetizing short videos from next week. That is, ads will be shown on short videos and creators will get money. Not only this, YouTube will now allow creators to use popular songs in short and long videos. With this, YouTube videos will also become like Tiktok and YouTube creators will be able to earn money from their videos. Earlier, part of the earnings went to the copyright holders of the music.

Creators currently need 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers to earn money through the app’s partner program. But this will not be the case for shorts creators. This means that monetizing shorts content will not take much time. Now about 45 of the ad money will go to the creator, while YouTube will keep the rest. Creators account for 55% of regular content.

Encouraging results in monetization efforts

YouTube has seen encouraging results in its initial monetization efforts on the short video making platform amid intense competition from TikTok. Philip Schindler, senior vice president and chief business officer at Alphabet (Google’s parent company), said in July that consumers are clearly increasing and consuming short-form video. They are watching it on multiple platforms including YouTube.

$100 million fund was announced

YouTube last year announced a $100 million fund to start paying creators who use Shorts. YouTube Shorts is now being viewed by over 1.5 billion signed-in users every month. The company plans to go on a new project with shorts and YouTube Music, which could be a game changer for the app. The company will announce these changes on September 20.

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