August 9, 2022
Dog gets surgery after swallowing AirPods—and they still work

Apple AirPods ending up in your baby’s tummy can be one of the scariest things one can imagine. According to a blog post, a nightmare came true for a dog parent in Willerby, UK, when her dog mistook a pair of wireless headphones and charger for Easter treats, and was immediately taken to the vet. gone. Veterinarian website. Veterinarians performed an emergency operation on the puppy to remove the AirPods – which surprisingly are still operational. According to the post, with the AirPods’ charging light still on, the case was intact. Even more shocking was the fact that both the charger and AirPods worked perfectly despite the incident.

Rachael Hick, a 22-year-old woman, was feasting her puppy on Easter Sunday when AirPods accidentally fell out of her pocket. Post Told. Before she realized it, Jimmy swallowed them.

Talking about the ordeal that “sinking” her heart, Rachel said she was taking pictures of Jimmy posting his Easter eggs to her Instagram account. The “hypnotized and excited” puppy suddenly jumped up and knocked the AirPods out of Rachel’s pocket. Within seconds, he was caught by Jimmy.

She took Jimmy to the local vet clinic, which specializes in pet emergency care. X-ray images showed AirPods lodged in the puppy’s digestive tract. In addition to causing blockages, there was also a risk of leaking battery acid. Therefore, the veterinarians immediately decided to operate the dog. To their surprise, the AirPods case didn’t even have a dent and the charging light was still on.

In a similar incident in 2019, a Taiwanese man swallowed an AirPod while sleeping and took them back the next day without damaging the earphones in his digestive tract. Oddly, they weren’t damaged and worked perfectly. The man said that he fell asleep with AirPods in his ears. When he woke up he found only one of them. Although the AirPod Tracker app, he found that the second AirPod was in the room. Hearing the AirPod beep, he felt it coming from his stomach, and doctors just gave him a laxative. Turns out that smaller earphones are a lot more flexible than we might realize.

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