August 15, 2022
Gboard app update for Wear OS brings multi-language support, advanced word suggestions to smartwatches

Wear OS is getting a new Gboard app that promises to vastly improve the way you communicate through smartwatches. It includes multi-language support and advanced word suggestions and improvements to improve the typing experience on smaller screens. Users can use the integrated QWERTY keyboard or even hand gestures and voice input to reply to messages. The Gboard app for Wear OS smartwatches offers tons of new ways to reply to email, text or WhatsApp.

Google took to its community forums To announce the arrival of a new Gboard app that has all these new features. The Gboard app on Wear OS smartwatches now offers scrollable word suggestions to give you more options when sending text messages. This enables you to find the correct word you want to add to the response. There’s also a preview screen that allows you to review and edit your message, offering suggestions and improvements where needed.

It looks like Gboard is the new default keyboard for Wear OS devices, and will now allow users to switch between languages ​​with ease. There is a language shortcut at the bottom of the screen that helps you choose the language in which the keyboard should appear. Gboard will support all languages ​​supported by Wear OS. By default, Gboard will be in the same language as the Watch system, but users can change and add languages ​​by long-pressing the spacebar on the on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

In addition to the QWERTY keyboard for typing in messages, users can also opt for gestures and voice input for a hands-free approach. Gboard also integrates an emoji palette for more creative responses. Google says it will be rolling out Gboard for Wear OS to supported devices in the “coming days”. If you can’t wait you can get the new update from apk mirror,

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