August 8, 2022
HTC Vive Air VR Headset Design Surfaces Online, Company Says It’s Just a Concept

The HTC Vive Air VR headset has been leaked via a design award by a Hannover-based organization. The VR headset will be the latest addition to HTC’s Vive VR headset family that includes the Cosmos Series, Pro Series and Focus Series. Images of the HTC Vive Air have been shared on the Design Awards website and the description says that the headset is designed for virtual fitness and is inspired by sports shoes. However, HTC has reportedly said that this is just a concept and has not shared any further details on the Vive Air VR headset.

First spotty By Twitter user and VR enthusiast Cass and ChariVR, the HTC Vive Air headset was part of iF World’s awards list and images for the headset share On the IF World Design Guide website. The images show a white and gray headset with yellow accents and Vive branding on the straps. There are four sensors on the front of the headset, what appears to be foam padding, and an adjustable head strap.

The website’s description states, “The Vive Air VR headset is specially designed for virtual fitness, optimized for high intensity with prolonged use. Inspired by sports shoes, the new headset features woven materials in VR to provide unprecedented comfort and fit. Breathable and quick-drying clothing improves ventilation in hot workouts. ,

HTC Vive Air Leaked Inline HTC

Looks like the HTC Vive Air’s build is lightweight
photo credit: ifworlddesignguide

This knitted design can be seen in the images and it looks like a lightweight VR headset with a fair amount of padding. It also has a quick-release design for soft components that will be ideal for cleaning and washing.

according to a Statement Awarded to UploadVR by HTC, the Vive Air that won the iF Design Award is just a concept but its “design language has elements and inspirations that you’ll see elsewhere in our HTC products.” Recently HTC announced It will host its ViveCon 2021 event from May 11 where it is expected to unveil a new VR headset. At the moment, it is unclear whether the Vive Air VR headset will be unveiled at the event.

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