August 8, 2022
Mi Watch Revolve Active first impressions: Time to activate?

Mi Watch Revolve was launched in September last year, priced at Rs. 10,999, but recently its price has been cut. 7,999. It had no voice assistant on board, and its features didn’t really help it stand out. Xiaomi has now launched a new product called Mi Watch Revolve Active, and it brings Alexa support along with SpO2 tracking, which is a useful feature considering the current pandemic situation. Has Xiaomi made a better wearable? And should you choose Mi Watch Revolve Active over the previous model? I spend some time trying to figure out this new watch.

Mi Watch Revolve Active Price in India

Mi Watch Revolve Active is priced at Rs. 9,999 in India. As an early bird offer, Xiaomi is offering Rs. 1000 discount which brings the price to Rs. 8,999. The Mi Watch Revolve Active also has an HDFC Bank offer for Rs. 750, which takes the price up to Rs. 8,249. You don’t get sizing options, but it does come with a matching strap in beige, black, and navy blue.

The Mi Watch Revol Active features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, and considering that it only comes in one dial size, the device might feel big on your wrist if you have small hands. The display is crisp and there is an always-on mode as well. I found the display brightness to be quite good, and the watch has an ambient light sensor that can automatically tweak the brightness.

The watch body feels plastic, but it’s super light at just 32g (without the straps). The watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM which should help it survive the rigors of daily use. There are two buttons on the right side of the watch case. The upper one brings up the app drawer on the watch’s display, while the other is a shortcut for workout tracking. They both have nice clicky feedback and you won’t second guess the input. The left side is completely empty.

Mi Watch Revolve Active Display Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active

The Mi Watch Revolve Active has two buttons on the case

Turn the clock around and you’ll see a bunch of sensors on the bottom. These are for heart rate, SpO2 and stress tracking. It also has connectors for charging the battery. I had a beige colored unit of the Mi Watch Revolve Active, which has a brown back.

This watch uses a 22mm band, and the one included in the box has quick release pins so you can take it off without any tools. Xiaomi says it will offer different straps for the Mi Watch Revolve Active as accessories, and you should be able to swap them out easily. The strap material is soft to the touch and has a textured finish. You get a regular pin buckle on the strap to secure it on your wrist. I found the watch a little hard to wear because of this texture, but it also felt secure at once.

You can pair Mi Watch Revolve Active to a smartphone using the Xiaomi Wear app. Using this app is very easy and setting up the clock for the first time use is a smooth process. Once paired, the app can be used to check various metrics that the watch records. You also need the app to sign in to Amazon for Alexa to work on the Mi Watch Revolve Active. I used Alexa for a while, and found the functionality a bit limited – more on that in the full review.

With Xiaomi MI Watch Revolve Active, you will be able to track heart rate, sleep, SpO2, stress and workout. The watch also has built-in GPS to track outdoor workouts and a barometer to gauge pressure. The Mi Watch Revolve Active packs a 420mAh battery, which Xiaomi claims can last up to 14 days and can be charged in less than two hours using the supplied charger.

Mi Watch Revolve Active Sensors Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve Active First Impressions

Sensors on the bottom of the Mi Watch Revolve Active

I found the watch interface to be quite similar to the Mi Watch Revolve I reviewed earlier. This new watch quickly woke up its display when I raised my hand. Swiping down from the top shows notifications from the paired smartphone, while swiping up from the homescreen brings up quick toggles. Swiping left and right from the watch face shows various indicators such as heart rate, bedtime, and stress.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active, as its name suggests, is a fitness-focused product. It seems that Xiaomi has also managed to pack all the essentials. So should the Mi Watch Revol Active be your fitness watch of choice? Stay tuned for the full review to know.

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